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  1. Yessss!!! It works with wm6. Just tested. thaks 4 the tip
  2. Thanks 4 the reply dacer_69. I'vefigured it out. I had to app unlock the phone. Moved back to smart phone from ppc after about 4 years so was a bit confused. lol
  3. Sup Guys, I need to overwrite a rom file (ms_mobile_oem.gif) in my Samsung i607 wm6. I tried to do it with Resco explorer. No luck. Is there any way I can do this? Thanks
  4. this 1 wont work but u can find the pda version in pocketislam.com
  5. - run the program from the start menu. - to unisntall got to start - settings - more- unistall (i cant remember xactly sice i dnt have a c500 any more but it is something like this)
  6. I dnt know y it changed all ur system fonts. and wen u go into the software click the joystick (center) button then u should be able to enter the software. try to restart the phone again and see if the font issue gets solved if it dnt, try uninstalling and reinstalling. and bt ur phone getting slow try to free some space in ur phone, this software is pretty large, it has the whole quran and etc so it needs space to run smoothly.
  7. Yes u can. but i dont think u'll ever need to do that. coz by disabling the c..s.. all u r doing is allowing ur phone to accept non-orange softwares and etc.
  8. go HERE & disable Certificate Security. then install Pocket Islam SP :o.
  9. You can try using MultiIE. With MultiIE you can save picture and set picture as ur wallpaper from Internet Explorer and also- Open multiple windows Open links in a new window Open windows in background Set open link default action View window list with page titles Tabbed window toolbar Set height of tab toolbar Page loading status on window list/tabs hear Page loaded sound / go to window use Direction pad scrolls by page, line or link Scroll options from context menu (Use address text for web searches, etc) have Quick URL builder menu (Never type http://www.com again!) drag screen with stylus use Full Screen Mode have Quick full screen toggle button (Triangular button in bottom right of screen) Keep backlight on Dynamically optimise page for PDA (Default support for Skweezer ) Save web pages (simple,full,text) Scroll screen line by line Open blank new window from menu Preset URLs for quick launch View and copy links View image comment text View source (select editor) Auto hide address bar in full screen Close window button (WM2003 only) have Custom plugins for link / page menus Enable ClearType font technology execute Common IE related registry tweaks
  10. I am running tomtom5 with my Jam & it's working fine. Since XDA mini is more or less the same, it should also work fine with it.
  11. This is funny. It's workin fine with me. By the way, did u disable the athan and the recitation? It's quite easy to do so by mistake. when you open the app you'll see a small speaker, music-note or a no entry sign on the top right-hand corner. They represent adhan and recitation being, enabled, alarm only and disable. You can change them by pressing up.
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