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  1. Your missing the point of my post. I agree with what your saying and I wouldnt think the wifi module was in the C600 But nobody has answered the question ....has anyone compared the 2 phones to see if the hardware is missing??? The intel analogy wasnt about cost and how wifi costs more than a chip, just the fact manufactors do crazy things somethimes when based on cost or marketing
  2. The 486DX and 486SX were made the same . The SX was burnt so disabling the maths co -pro. This was done because it was cheaper to make all DX style chips with it installed and then burn it out. NOT design a completety new chip for the SX range. Why not then just sell the DX and why did the SX ever sell?? Because of marketing, people could have the option of buying a cheaper chip and adding a maths co-pro at a later date. I am not sure about other chips made from Intel but the 486DX and 486SX did work like this be because thats when I worked for Intel. The point of this post is, could HTC and Orange be doing a similar thing? The phone is made complete and the wifi burnt out or just software disabled? Has anyone taken a IMATE SP5 and C600 apart and compared hardware? where is the WIFI module and is it missing from the circuit board of the C600? I have not heard anything back from my mate yet, but this could be due to Christmas break. If I hear anything more I will update this forum.
  3. This is a public forum and people can speak and view there findings...right? So where do you get off telling me " this is enough!!!!!!" I am only passing on what I was told...I dont know how true this is ? But comments like that not belong here
  4. Intel used to make the 486DX and 486SX One had a math co-pro and the SX didnt. But the SX was built like the DX but then had the maths co-pro burnt out or disabled. It was to much money to build a new design for the SX but cheaper to build all of them as DX and then afterwards disable the feature. HTC make the phones right ??? Orange just buy them from HTC and I guess comes with wifi... Its just not be enabled I could be wrong. But sometimes its not just about common sense and its cheaper to build stuff without these features..its sometimes about the market area the kit is going into. This is way Intel once built the DX and SX..You would buy the SX and at a later date buy a bolt-on maths co-pro...simple marketing
  5. Agree, but who has said the wifi hardware has been removed??
  6. Just got off the phone with a friend.... He has a 4000 user base of orange phones at his company and just spoke to his orange CS. They have ordered 10 C600 for testing and asked about the lack of wi-fi. The lady from orange has informed him that a wifi update will be release anytime now, allowing wifi... But isnt going to be released from Orange but some third party who have patched the phone... I dont know any more as yet, But will try and get the web link or more information today or tomorrow. Mean time I told him to get back on the phone to her and ask more questions...
  7. You didnt need to wait for you new deal . I did the same thing but got the deal by asking for a phone any old phone. Get the deal and off you go. When you get the new handset send it back within 7 days and you then wait for the C600 but keep the deal going. I have select 750 which is 750 mins xnet-anytime for £35 with free phone insurance on the new C600
  8. Got it for Free :) With £35 a month Thats for select 750 which is 750 minutes xnet anytime Oh and 30 txt a month free Got the phone today
  9. ITS OUT ON UPGRADE just ordered mine .... Phoned 150 then 4 and then 1 asked for retentions and got a FREE upgrade 5 mins ago
  10. 2 weeks WOW I really wanna stay with ORange they really look after us.
  11. This is rubbish I phoned them as Ive been waiting my upgrade since 21 sept They only found out about the C600 beening released today from me. They didnt even know it was released on the web. What sort of mickey mouse company is Orange? I told the women on the phone if they wanted to know anything else about their product range to call me, as I know more about the phone releases than Orange CS.... JOKE TOTAL JOKE p.s the upgrade to the C600 isnt coming soon so she said. So could be here right now.....
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