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  1. It does work but only if you're using the stock ics unlock.
  2. Yep. Timfimjim is right, boot animation.zip in the system/media folder works. I changed mine last night :D
  3. Just installed Ir1 (so glad I've got membership), and it's sweet :P Can't wait to see what fun things you add into the next kitchen recipe, good work Paul, good work
  4. running this rom now, and it's sweet as a nut :D excellent work qiwu, excellent work
  5. tillaz, just flashed your rom, and, as usual, you surpass yourself sir (would tip my hat to you if i had one :D ) also, i managed to install go launcher ex using a combination of: launcher pro for a main launcher titanium backup to remove the launcher that was installed rebooting the phone installing go launcher ex (or any other good launcher that you desire to use) if this works for others, then something has gone right for me at last :P
  6. Tbh I'm going to wait. Cm9 would be nice, a full official ics would be lovely. Now the source code is out I don't think we've too long to wait for cm7 to fill the gap
  7. Just downloaded and installed the circle battery mod. Sweet :D Now my g300 looks better already, good work there
  8. I'm gonna stick my neck out here a but, but I'd say that the update routine would getbyoubout of trouble. Justvso long as you use the right update. B888 if you've used that before, etc
  9. Luckily, I found out on the day I bought it, it was already unlocked. Didn't even need to use the unlock code Voda supplied when I bought it.
  10. Check out the market. I found it straight away. http://play.google.c...bamboozle&hl=en
  11. Just downloading this, will try it out after I've had something to eat (which may take a while :P )
  12. Toge64, here's the link to the fonts (i'm not supplying them), and if you've rooted your phone here's the instruction: Extract the fonts that you've found to a directory on your SD card (any folder name will do, just so long as you can find it) Make sure you have a file manager that will allow root access, personally i use the paid version of Root Explorer Copy the fonts that you require using the file manager of your choice Navigate to the following directory /system/fonts/, and make sure that you set the read/write for the directory to write Paste the fonts into the directory Then, reset the permission of the directory to read. Should work (works on mine). Otherwise, you could use Go Launcher Ex, put the fonts into the font directory (which is part of the Go Launcher directory on the SD card), and use them from there. Your choice. Just hope I've helped a bit.
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