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  1. got my c550 back from being repaired t'other day and they put a whole new keypad in and got rid of a few specks of dust that crept in (only about 5). very pleased with the service, turnaround was 9 days.
  2. My joystick is dying :) It periodically stops working downwards, if i push it really hard it works for a while then goes back to normal - i have to push it 3 or 4 times sometimes to go down. I was just wondering if this is a common problem (like dust on the 500!!!) because I'd like to get it replaced/fixed under warranty - I also assume this counts as a warranty issue? Thanks
  3. its when you get it on the PC that its a pain, trying to find the photo and copying all photos onto PC at once without endless folders. very annoying.
  4. everytime i take a pic (pretty much) it makes a new folder called 046083758720751289347012 etc and puts like 1to5 pics in there, any way i can stop this? i just want all pics and all vids loose in their respective folders! many thanks :o
  5. however it only seems to work if you press #/* to go into media album, then press back to camera and then do it. wierd.
  6. bug 1 on the first post can be fixed by pressing 2, this changes the resolution in all camera modes
  7. mines dust free i got it about a week after it came out, my c500 got dust bad tho
  8. i love mine, everyone has been saying its not worth upgrading from c500, but i think it is. A fix fior WMP10 is on the way, games will soon support qvga and look stunning and the camera is amazing, just turn the brightness down a bit. music without "tssss" is a dream, and the media buttons rock.
  9. im still on my first charge after 48 hours and cant get it to run down! its on 55% and have done a few infrareds but BT wouldnt work from c500 to this so i havent used it. bit o' music, few calls etc. interesting that the c500 battery is 1050mah and c550 is 1150mah. my first c500 had brilliant battery life, second one left a lot to be desired but still good (both charged in the same way throughout life) so maybe the batteries just vary?
  10. lol that is bizarre i can confirm that i can text all three ways! id get on the phone to OCS or do a "clear storage"
  11. second day with c550, on overnight and the battery is about 75%, no probs here. Also the screen shouldnt use more power when static, its the same size backlight behind the screen as c500, the only thing there is more of is filters, not individual light sources, so these use little or no energy to stay active
  12. that is EXACTLY what i wanted to hear! youre my new favourite person! i have to say, having upgraded from a c500 i still think its worth it.
  13. ah well, im very impatient! thanks for the offer, ill probably find mine as well but hey. just reading the specs in the HTC manual: Processor: TI OMAP, 750 MHz wierd, thought it was the same 200Mhz, mistake? Display: Type: Transflective 2.2" QVGA TFT-LCD Resolution: 176x220 at 64k colors 176x220 certainly isnt qvga! theres also quite a few typos in the manual
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