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  1. This is cool! Just installed it on my i-mate SP5m. Works OK through the WiFi. Voice quality over GPRS can be improved but for starters this application rocks! Cas
  2. Cheers mate. That guide worked like a charm. All up and running!! cas
  3. Hi guys, After parting company from my trusted E200 a year ago, I'm back at the forum with my newest purchase ala the SPV C550. Now thing is it came without the data cable and software CD. I've managed to get hold of a universal USB data cable and installed Activesync 3.8. Problem is activesync doesnt recognise the device. I've tried near enough all possibilities but nothing seems to work. So I decided to use my bluetooth device. First step: discovery---> bingo, device found and bonded. tried to sync...same problem...no device found...tried sending a file to the device and it worked...tried the other way round and that works too. Its just the contacts syncing thats the problem. Any clues cos i'm just close to pulling my hair out. thanks Cas
  4. A big round of applause for Paul for his detective and the rest of the team who helped uncover the mystery. Very glad to hear that the phone has been returned to Orange. Keeping fingures crossed for the DRAW now. :) Cas
  5. Another great event organised by Orange and MS and ofcourse the efforts of Chris. Had a great day, met some nice people. Shame the C550 got nicked and am having serious doubts about the XBOX raffle. Its the 2nd time Will. :) Cas
  6. Its the wired version of the VKB and I paid £75.00 with shipping. The accuracy on the PC is near enough 100% and on the smartphone its above 85%. The sensitiviy can be altered to increase the accuracy. Cas
  7. Just got myself one of these virtual keyboards and i must say its a wonderful experience. Mobile MSN will never be the same again. I guess its better than carrying a folding keyboard. Cas
  8. I was really looking forward to the MPX100. Looks like the next option is an SE S700 unless someone convinces me otherwise. Gutted!! Cas
  9. Appologies if this has been mentioned before. http://www.orange.co.uk/entertainment/film...a/overview.html Cas
  10. Last minute problems meant I had to miss it :D I hope you guys had a great time. Cas
  11. We've finally got back what was ours !! But we should've had atleast one more trophy this year.
  12. I got ripped off in a similar way 2 years ago when i paid OFFLINE for a P800 (US$400). Since the deal was OUT SIDE of ebay domain, I never got any support from them nor did i get my money back. But it sure taught me a lesson: If anyone asks for a wire transfer, forget them, look at the next auction! Im only paying thru Paypal of VISA. Last month I saw a transaction on my bank statement which seemed dodgy. Further investigations lead to the fact that some idiot used my VISA (donno how) to buy stuff off the net. But this time around, since it was VISA involved, i got my money back within a week. Not much help here i'm afraid but I hope you get your money back. Cas
  13. Congratulation to everyone. Finally I see some names I recognize. Good one Mick :) Cas
  14. Great piece of software and the traffic counter helps a lot. Well done AgileMobile. Cas
  15. Looks like its gonna be 9600pro with 128mb DDR. I think i'll get this for the time being (cos my current Geforce MX400 is starting to crumble) and then replace it with a All In Wonder 9800 PRO. Turns out my cousin in canada knows someone who works at the ATI factory there so can get one real cheap sometime soon. Fingures crossed!! Cas
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