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  1. how can i get back my messeges and contacts from my computer? i just formated my phone and i forgot to save them on the sim,and i don't know how to get them back.....i got to sync my phone with the computer and.................. :??:
  2. how can i get back my contacts an messeges? i forgot about them and formated my phone. i syncronized my phone last time 2 or 3days ago so tehnicaly i can get my contacts an messeges back and when i connect my phone it connects ,says connected,but when i try to clic resolve items it says connect the device first i have a spv c500
  3. how can u connect ur phone to the PC internet i have a spv c500
  4. tnx it works great but a reg key would be great, i would pay for it that is not a prob but i don't know how i can't get my dad's card or something like that tnx any way P.S. if you cold do something to get it free tell me pls
  5. can it be made to work on a spv c500 or there's one allready out there
  6. well it's an interesting prog but it shows me the max temp
  7. i can't find "Télécharger le fichier CAB installable directement sur le smartphone." anywere is just: Thermo 1.0 for C500 - Editeur/Développeur : Xetra/JRC - Système concerné : Smartphone 2002/2003 - Catégorie : Applications généralistes - Ajouté le : 24/02/2005 - Ce logiciel n'a pas encore fait l'objet d'une mise à jour. and here is the IMAGE withe thermometer Thermo est un logiciel permettant de connaitre approximativement la temprature ambiante. En effet, Thermo récupère l'information depuis la sonde thermique équipant les batteries des SPV... Dorénavant, afin de profiter de la logithèque de MobiSmart.net, vous devez être membre du forum et identifié... >> S'inscrire sur le forum et accéder aux téléchargements.
  8. it's posible ,get activesync remote display and softcam or camtasia on yahoo messenger works but i don't know about msn
  9. i have a c500 with the standar ROM and i can't upgrade it it gives an error my image version is and when i upgrade to it won't work and the same with it goes like this: ERROR[294]:INVALID VENDER ID This Update Utility cannot be used for your smartphone.Please check your Update Utility and something about the utility in the uper left of the window sais:SmartPhone ROM Update Utility 1.00.1 and mine is : Typhoon IPL 1.00 if someone could help me...
  10. :cry: i've lost my SPV but now :) i have a new one he he and i have to install all my soft back on the phone :shock: what i want first is the orange register program and the other things i need to unlock my phone. pls and thanks for reding the post
  11. i mean plugins like:for the battery,disk space,or temperature etc. you know what i mean
  12. k cold_fire are you from romania?i saw on some of your themes orange ro. i'm from brasov nice meeting you and the theme is ok
  13. what theme is that on thoes phones cause is the coolest one i ever saw. do you have it ? if you do post it
  14. k nice it works fine but,i need all the plugins i can get hehehe...seriously
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