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  1. Version 3 runs really smooth for now...this give to my Omnia 2 a new life ;) Only one question... did You TRANSFER data from WM to Android and eventually how ?!? I think call logs, contacts, sms, calendar etc... THX!
  2. How it's with partitions size when I'm using 32GB class 10 card? It's important to keep 1333MB for ext4 ? Thx for answer. Many thanks for all of this hard work! Keep up and I'll be looking forward to Version3! Thanks again.
  3. I would also like to know it :unsure: I already tried every advise from this forum and nothing really work. I think Android must be installed in the MyStorage...and NOT in the SD card...I guess ;)
  4. It's very simple...just add one more step from this post and it'll be working like a charm:
  5. I tried almost every gps patches but nothing really work...so I decide to buy external BT gps Qstarz 1000X. From this moment I feel like in the Heaven :)
  6. Keep up good work Frenkie! Really great runs on my 32GB microSDHC Class10 but I'm thinking about move it to My Storage (16GB version) because Android still don't see SD card thus e.g. my camera don't work etc...
  7. Hi Aarash I have this rom on microSDHC card from Lexar class10 and there is bigger bug...Android don't see SD card FAT32 partition at all! Thus my camera won't start etc... On SD card You can install Frenkie rom almost in same way like on My Storage. Just plug Your card to USB reader and create partitions described in the manual from file Archivio_FD_v6-2.zip
  8. It's because You're using third-party battery. I've one piece of 2430 mAh Gold battery and my phone stops charging after couple of seconds too :( Instead of original one from Samsung with 1530 mAh it's charging normally....strange but it's true!
  9. Still not working with any of combinations :( When I Format the sdcard as fat32 active & primary phone freeze at first grey screen at the top of display "Android is loading" I'll try install this ROM to "MY STORAGE" and I'll see...
  10. Hi there...we've got same issue...You'are not an only one :) Frenkie999999 any solution for working SD Card?!?
  11. I have Android on my SD card...system runs well but same as you it did not see FAT32 partition on SD card...so my camera won't take a picture, still throw me a message about insterting card :) I had same bug and after first reboot I'm able to install almost every app...strange.
  12. Thx guys...it's kernel problem. I tried Kernel mod 2 from link at the first page and Angry Birds runs nice and smooth.
  13. Nice to see that! Thx Frenkie for definetly best Android rom for our Omnia 2. I installed this rom to my 32GB Lexar Class10 microSDHC card and it runs very well without problem. But I've got one bug...in any of ANGRY BIRDS game I've got white backgrounds and it's really not cool :( Can anyone try Angry Birds...will You?? Thx in advance!
  14. Hi there! This ROM is really awesome lightning fast! But why in the GOOGLE PLAY almost every app show me "Your device is not compatible" ?!? I was using for some time this android rom: cm_beta2 and there wasn't this error :( How you guys? EDIT: I just restarted phone and it start works! :D
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