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  1. amshowman

    Kaiser on Orange

    I've just got a great deal from Orange (I have been with them for over 8 years, was out of contract and spend on average over £60 / month though)... I rang and said I want to leave, they put me through to retentions. I said I'd seen Flext 30 + web'n'walk (18 months) (450 mins / 900 text plus unlimited data) for £32.50 a month... They offered me 550 minutes + 200 texts + 30MB Data for £23 / month with a free Kaiser II! (18 month contract) I can see that some people would need more data if they use it on their laptop etc but I've got a 3 USB modem for £15 / month which gives me 3GB a month (and is excellent).
  2. amshowman

    Kaiser on Orange

    I just called Orange to find out how much it would be to upgrade to the Tytn II and they told me that they're actually out of stock now and I can't back order one... If anyone knows when they're getting more in then please let me know as Orange CS weren't able to tell me!
  3. amshowman

    Orange unlimited data?

    I just spoke to Orange about Data Bundles for my SPV M3100, and I was offered
  4. After much fiddling with the settings I've managed to get my phone to work as a modem for my laptop through a USB connection. It's a pretty quick connection, just a shame Orange don't have any cheap data packages.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Does anyone else know if it's possible to get a good deal for 3G data packages on Orange?
  6. Hi, I bought a laptop a few weeks ago and was able to claim a free Vodafone 3G wireless data card. The rates for 3G seem to be much cheaper than what I was offered by Orange. (Does anyone know how to get a good deal on 3G access on Orange? I was only offered the same as I currently pay for GPRS). The Vodafone charges: I was wondering if it was possible to somehow use the Vodafone sim on a SPV M3100 for 3G access? Thanks, Andrew
  7. Thanks for your reply. Having failed miserably trying to connect an old SPV phone to a laptop for use as a modem, I think I'll try it connected by USB, rather than avoiding further complications with Bluetooth. I hope there will be a good guide with the Orange phone on how to us it as a modem.
  8. Hi, I'm probably going to get an Orange SPV M3100 and I was wondering about the 'wireless modem' option on the phone. If I was using this with my laptop (via USB) can I use the phone's 3G connection, or is it limited to GPRS? Thanks for any help, Andrew
  9. amshowman

    Upgrade from E200 to C500

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I've found this offer which looks unbeatable: £300 cashback at OneStopPhoneShop on Yourplan 400 + 400 When I spoke to Orange about upgrading my phone (and thus keeping my number) they couldn't get anywhere near this offer. Confucious - please can you let me know how I go about porting my number across? If I buy the C500 from onestopphoneshop, can I transfer my old number to, say a Tmobile PAYG phone, then port it to my new phone which would have a new Orange number? :roll: Thanks - Andrew
  10. Hi, I've got an SPV E200 and the contract has expired. I want to upgrade to the C500 and I've seen a great offer at Talkworld The only problem is I can't keep my number. Any idea where I can go to get a similar deal, but keep my number? Cheers - Andrew
  11. amshowman

    Orange upgrade for free?

    How near to the end of your contract are you? My contract ran out, so I was offered a free upgrade from the SPV to the E200 (after dialling 150 then pressing 6 , then 3, then 3, you will be put through to the 'thinking of leaving orange department'). I go them to double my free minutes instead (I now get 400 any network minutes for £30 / month) amd I paid £90 for the phone.
  12. amshowman

    Orange SPV with a 3 Sim card?

    Thanks - has anyone tried this?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to put a 3 Sim card in an Orange SPV? Cheers - Andrew
  14. Yep - I can access the internet using my SPV.

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