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  1. I have a US Tmobile SDA and had the same problem. I had to use file explorer to look for the Java midlet manager and created a menu icon for myself.
  2. I have been playing with a software called Navizon that uses WIFI and Cell Tower signals for navigation without GPS signal. I tried it on my SDA and it seems to work. It's still more of a novelty than a real replacement of my Bluetooth GPS. I can see it can be useful in locations where you have weak GPS signal like your downtown area.
  3. I have been playing with it on my Tmobile SDA. It still have some bugs to be ironed out. But it does work once your have good coverage in an area. Derek
  4. I have a US Tmobile SDA. Here are my files /windows/Short_AP1.lnk = 19#\Windows\iexplore.exe http://www.bloglines.com /windows/Short_AP2.lnk = 19#\Windows\wmplayer.exe /windows/Short_AP3.lnk = 19#\Windows\wmplayer.exe /windows/Short_AP4.lnk = 19#\Windows\wmplayer.exe I changed button one to open Bloglines. It was originally set to open t-mobile's website. I just copied the files to my PC. Change them and copy them back to the /windows directory on my SDA. I remove the battery from the phone and reboot. Surprise to me! The setting stays. I thought the files are in the ROM and therefore not changeable. Appearantly not for my SDA. Derek
  5. I loaded a Dopod ROM on my SMT5600. It seems to work just fine. This ROM also have the Window Media Player 10, so I'm really not missing anything. Since this is a Chinese ROM, now I can read/write in Chinese too. That's a plus for me. Java was not working with the At&t ROM before, now Opera Mini works like a charm! Derek
  6. I'm using Mapopolis on my SDA with a Holux Bluetooth receiver. Works very well and cheap. There are other GPS softwares. TomTom is highly rated, but no US version yet. Mapopolis does not come with any PC software for trip planning, so you have to do everything on your phone. Mapopolis is free, you buy the maps. You can download a demo map and try it out on your phone. Derek
  7. Hi, I'm thinking to flash my SMT5600 to a Dopod 565 ROM because I have to have the ability to read/write Chinese. Will the phone still work on the 850MHz band? Derek Update (2-19-2006): Well, since no one answers my question, I go ahead and install the Dopod ROM. Everything seems to work just fine. Even Opera Mini works now. I can't really tell if 850MHz is still working because I use TMobile in So. Cal. I do see both Cingular and At&t Networks in network selection though.
  8. Hi, I am using a SMT 5600. Is there a way to make the voice recorder save the voice recording to the SD card? Thanks! Derek
  9. Hi, Is there any program that let you connect your Smartphone as a SIM reader/editor on your PC? I want to find an easy way to manage the contacts on the SIM. I know WM2003 has a sim manager, but I rather do the work on a PC. Thanks! BTW I know I can get a separate sim card reader/editor for PC. Just try to save a few bugs. derek
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