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  1. i have a g510-0100 this rom is awesome best i have tried so fare and i have tried them all any chance of a NFC patch
  2. running the Final Version good rom i will use this for my daily rom one bug when i hold the home button then clear recent apps get weird graphics not a big issue great rom keep up the good work
  3. until now the only G510-0100 only custom roms have been available unless your locked to Vodafone i posted because i have been looking for a official update and this could be help full to other members of modaco but i am also hopping that a dev's will use it as a base for G510-0100 custom roms
  4. i have a g510-0100 uk unlocked to any sim and i have been looking for the official update since i flashed and wanted to go back to huawei stock but could not find it any where till know get it her http://camorrahgpl.com/user/huawei/Rom/ i used G510-0100.Android4.1.Emotion_UI.V100R001C479B178.UK-Channel.zip now i am back on huawei official rom :)
  5. NFC patch not working not showing up in menu after NFC (G510) (THANKS ALKALINORAP) installed
  6. g510-0100 Unfortunately NFC Service has stopped hope this gets a fix was looking forward to trying this rom
  7. hi Dani2014 have you tried miui v5 roms nfc works they have a better ui and are visually appealing just need the right dev to increase the speed have thought about a miui rom keep up the good work
  8. Any chance you can add a update zip for stock Google Mms.apk great ROM by the way
  9. i would just like to say thank you for this repack ShockeyCzT installing now :D
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