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  1. Thx for the review - would love to try it out, but sadly on iOS is there NOT support for exporting TCX nor GPX files... to Endomondo etc.
  2. Yeah its a pretty decent Android phone that runs very smooth, and deals well with two simcards online - use it everyday as a workphone and a homephone. I´m very pleased with it allround.
  3. Okay had to root it first to use morelocale2....
  4. I just luv this phone mostly because of the dualsim plus the price... BUT it does not have Danish locale and morelocale2 does not work - its the first time that a Android phone has this limitation?? Can anyone help out plz?
  6. How do I flash it? Plz....would be the next best to RUU, which we don't have yet... I have a HTC ONE bought in the UK, and want to go back to Stock rom if possible, after playing with different customroms.
  7. I've bought the ONE plus this case and put it on first day, today I've noticed one single 7 mm scratch on the back/top of the aluminium :-( fu.. its sad...
  8. Nice touch HTC - Works fine and The remote wakes up when the phone is moved.
  9. Joost39

    Got Legend

    Got mine today too - I just love this baby :P
  10. Rebooting now------and its WITH highmemory +386 MB RAM. It says ERD79 though - guess that its just addons from ERE27?
  11. No, MoreLocales 2 only support/change apps. that are allready supported in Danish - the OS will not change at all. Cyanogen has all the locales in his 5.0 - works superb.
  12. This is the best rom right now - stock 2.1 plus update rom and radio AND root + highmemory 386 MB RAM free. Now I only need all locales.....or just the Danish one.
  13. Yeah - nice price and does sync or do data - what the Goohle dock don´t.
  14. That su... big time - so if you want two - one has to order twice?
  15. Yeah :) I did that thx - but despite that and the fact that I´ve got a brand new (exchanged yesterday) 3 simcard N1 just won´t let me set up the voicemail - could it be because it is a UTMS simcard? I can see the voicemailnumber through the download app. Contact2Sim Pro - but I can´t edit og write to simcard. Gave up and use a speeddialicon on the Homescreen and send HTC a mail.
  16. I´ve played around with my new toy N1 - and like it so far..... :) But I use a 3 simcard and when trying to edit the Voicemailnumber I get a fault and can´t save the number.... Yeah I know - I can make a speeddialicon on the homescreen... Anyone with the same issue and a workaround? It seems to me like it won´t or can´t access the simcard, can´t save contacts on the 3 sim either. I´ve tried it with my wifes TELIA simcard and it works fine without doing nothing?
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