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  1. Does anyone out there know how to arrange the contact list on the M600 with the first names of the contact rather than the surnames? Please help, coz its driving me crazy. I know on my C600 you can choose how the name is displayed (i.e surname first, or second, followed by job title etc) but that option doesnt appear to be present on my M600. Thanks Paul
  2. Hello everyone. Just thought I would start this thread as i was originally happy with my new upgrade to the 4.2.etc etc. Rom - but i'm now starting to scratch mi head and i'm trying to think of any improvements that have actually been made. Apart from the improved look of the windows media and the ability to actually use the mp3 as ringtones - does anyone out there actually see any improvements? Also does anyone know how to create a playlist on the media side? I've tried and failed miserably. When I got the upgrade - i was going to rush out and buy myself a 512mb mini sd card, but i'm now wondering whether or not its worth it. Also, the mp3's cant be used for individual contact ringtones - you still have to revert back to converting the files using windows media converter to convert them to wma files and then stick them in the sounds file (very faffy). I have also noticed in another thread that some people out there would like to downgrade to the old ROM - what other problems has everyone been experiencing out there?
  3. If its the same as the C500 - then you'll need to copy those files from your SD Card to - STORAGE/APPLICATION DATA/SOUNDS. It worked for my C500.
  4. I have always found that windows media encoder seems to work the best - i always use it to convert mp3 to wma so i can use them as ringtones for the c500 But as you can gather from above - theres loads of converters out there - just try a few aand see which you prefer
  5. Thanks 4 that - I had smart explorer 1 installed - I'll give this 2nd version a whirl, and try this mobiluck. Thanx again
  6. Pleeeeeeeeeeeze Help. I am sick to my back teeth of this phone! I cannot send files such as mp3/3gp etc to other mobiles. I have installed the smart explorer version 1 but it still does not work. I know the bluetooth works as i can beam contacts, and can pick up all phones that are discoverable. Does anyone have the answer to this - I spoke to orange tho other day and they say its not possible but i cant believe this. Thanks3
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