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  1. I still see that everywhere is out of stock. Should make selling mine a bit easier. I feel as though i dont use it as much as i should. Its going on Ebay tomorrow night.
  2. to be fair, not used either of them, but Javo is a brand so i would plump for that one. Plus its cheaper (for me in the UK.)
  3. Yeah did try and update the ROM with the one on the i-mate website but it came up with an error that i already had it installed. Good reply though, so tru. ;)
  4. i know we arent to share, but i really cant get this game back. i tried to re-install the ROM, but it doesnt have it. Nor is it on the CD. Bugger. My tip is DONT HARD RESET !!!!
  5. Do what i did : I just put my money down on one place and waited. I would recomend Mobilefun.co.uk. They were very honest when i phoned them up and even surprised me when they emailed me saying it was out of stock, then emailed again saying i had been allocated one, and it arrived next day. Great phone. Has its bugs, but the pros far outway the cons.
  6. Dont think that this will 100% solve your problems of sending MMS. I downloaded the .cab file, installed the O2 .cab file, changed the O to an o, hard reset my phone, reduced memory, changed the file size to QVGA, checked with O2 that i can send MMS and it still dont work. I dont have the memory problem though as the error i get mentions nothing of memory, just that it cant send it. :twisted:
  7. Simple. LIE. or just rattle off the things that are better with it than a Nokia. Also, if you do manage to find out to make it work, let me know, you are right, it would be nice to be able to send em, even though i wouldnt use the function after 2 days of sending comedy pics of myself to my mates (coz thats what its REALLY for).
  8. Join the club. Mine dont work either and i downlaoded the .cab file, changed the O to an o and changfed the res QVGA and still no luck. Look at it this way ..... you save 25p for every MMS you want to send.
  9. Id like to do it in one hit, byu transfering them, but cant find how to do it. Anyone know how i can do it without having to manually inser them ALL. Ta
  10. Bugger. Its not a long process admitadely, but over time getting round it would have saved me months in accumulative editing. Cheers anyhoo.
  11. I thought i had looked there. i will check again ta. I havent no, i will look once home. Ta for the help ;)
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