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  1. How long for? I got ~14 months out of my initial £20, so I don't feel bad that I didn't get anything back at the end. I can see why people that got less time might be a bit more aggrieved. I guess this Samba thing just proves that a business model based on your customers not really paying you, doesn't actually work. Which makes the Freetard in me sad, but hey, I'm not going to whinge that I'm not getting a free lunch.
  2. Their data is cheaper than GiffGaff for low usage (I haven't gone over 40MB a month in 2014...), so Three is where I've sent my PAC to earlier today. Vectone look interesting, if people have issues with signal on 3 (http://www.vectonemobile.co.uk/default.aspx) and their data can be cheaper than GiffGaff too, if you're a low usage case.
  3. I've been with them for just over a year, so certainly got my money's worth. The thing that's annoyed me about this isn't that they've gone under (I never understood how they made any money), it's that they just turned off service with literally zero warning. They were still advertising SIMs yesterday afternoon on Twitter (now account deleted), so I can imagine there are a lot of people more pissed off than me. It's possible that my brother doesn't yet realise his phone isn't working. It's not as if they've actually contacted customers to let them know. As long as I get my PAC pretty quickly, I'll be happy. Is there anything anywhere near as good as Ovivio out there (I'm a very low usage case), or am I back to GiffGaff?
  4. This is a CyanogenMod feature. Unfortunately, it seems to be missing in CM11 at the moment. This is fixed by default in stock 4.4, as it takes out homepages that have nothing on them. I don't know if there's an upper limit to the number of homescreens you can have.
  5. I realise I'm well behind the curve, but I've just discovered that ASUS released a bootlock remover tool, so I'm trying to give the old Padfone a new lease of life. Thanks for bringing the custom recovery to Google's attention! If anyone else gets here from a web search, note that TWRP have updated to which can be found on their website - http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/A68
  6. As a mate just pointed out, the original recovery.img is in the image-occam-jwr66v.zip file, so you can have your cake and eat it. :) Just a single run of Superboot is easier, of course, but I think that the changes that Chainfire has made to get root to work means it could be a bit more complicated to get Superboot working than just updating a few files.
  7. If anyone wants root on stock, I had to flash CWM Recovery and install the latest SuperSU package (the one specifically designed for 4.3). Looks like Google have figured out how to properly break "traditional" root - the new SuperSU uses some whacky daemon thing to do it's work. That said, it does work, so you can have root until one of the SU guys fixes what Google broke. Now to figure out how to get stock recovery back...
  8. Hah. Wish I'd seen this before trying the old one. Seconded... :P EDIT: I've just tried modifying the boot.superboot.img with the latest su and SuperUser.apk from Koush, but although it's installed, I still don't seem to have root. I wonder if that's related to the fact that the OTA Rootkeeper did not, in fact, keep a copy of root.
  9. *crosses fingers* Hope they've fixed the crappy Bluetooth that stops connecting after a while (and eventually even stops turning on, requiring a device reboot to clear)...
  10. Mine arrived today. Fantastic communication from B&N there. Still, a backup to the Kindle for £29. Not going to complain.
  11. Ok, gets stranger. Just received an email telling me that it should be delivered by Friday.
  12. Looks like they cancelled my order. AFTER telling me it had been dispatched. Twice. :( To add insult to injury, I'm now receiving emails from Nook telling me what content I should be trying. ON MY NON-EXISTENT DEVICE. Bastards.
  13. I still don't understand how they're making money off me...
  14. I still think it's too good to be true. That said, I ported my number to Ovivo last Friday. No issues thus far *touch wood*. Their mobile site is good for tracking usage as well, although I do kind of miss the little GiffGaff popups I got at the end of every call and after sending a text, telling me my balance.
  15. Sorry, didn't notice you said that. I never found out what happened, although I did somehow end up with SuperSU and SuperUser installed. SuperSU updates properly, so I've uninstalled SuperUser and it seems happy enough.
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