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    With Update camera runs out of memory

    I posted an identical issue about 3 weeks ago ... still no one has come to the rescue, sorry I can't help but you are not alone. Tell me ... did by any chance "fill" your available space with pix at some point, the after moving/deleting them the error message started? That's what happened to me, it's as if the phone has cached an "out of memory" error ....
  2. steve_youles

    GPRS roaming charges - a bit steep

    I just got the same thing £17.44 for 2mB - called Orange, "Sharon" tells me its the foreign network charge (yeah right ORANGE France - same bloody company!) - this basically renders the SPV (and GPRS/G3 when it arrives) useless as it's simply too expensive. £17 a month to check your emails abroad on a micro screen, I'll use my laptop from now on and thank god I took out the no quibble return option with Carphone warehouse. Bye Bye SPV - bye bye Orange, gimme back my basic Nokia. I'm not paying through the nose to be a beta tester for Orange. The future's bright, but it's not Orange! Predicition - G3 is doomed to fail at this rate, these guys have no idea what service and customer focused products are!
  3. steve_youles

    Problems or unanswered questions with Orange

    I can't save any camera pix unless they're less than 480X640 res. Even tho I've stripped evrything off my phone apart from the bare bones. I have plenty of space on the SD card. The problem started when I did fill the card - I transferred the pix onto my PC and went to start again - problem started, its as if the phone is caching the error message i got the first time ....! Help please.
  4. OK divvy alert .. dumb questions follow my symptoms: 1. I filled my phone with pics when in Paris. Ever since the first "No space" error then I haven't been able to save a 480Xwhatever it is resolution pic (I can however save the smaller types. Now I know what you're thinking, this idiot's got ver little space left, just enough for small pics and not enuff for big uns. Well I deleted everything form both phone and card that I could - phone has 5.5Mb and card has 7.5Mb. 2. To get around this I tried to figure out how I could choose where to store the files ... calls to Orange are a waste of time (if you want to compete with Vodafone, try refining your product and actually supporting it folks!!!) ... sorry dn see that rant coming! If you can do this ... how? So, guys .. any suggestions (apart from upgrading to an SPVx that is!!!!)

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