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  1. TOPGUN1988

    MPX200 - is my fone dead?!

    Are you still playing with 2002 OS???? I can't imagine my MPx200 withought the 2003 OS and there is even a Windows Mobile 5.0 version for it!!! I mean MP3 ringtones and stuff!!! How can you still use the 2002?? :shock: :shock:
  2. TOPGUN1988

    I got an mpx200

    How much did you buy it for? Here in Greece it comes with a leather case, its SD Camera, USB cable and costs $200 via courier and arrives within 2 days of order. Only on-line purchase though... none left in the shops they all got that brick-size mpx220...
  3. sounds cool!!! when is this expected? will it be free to download? no huh? is Windows Mobile 2002,2003 software for smartphone going to be supported by this os? Is this operating system going to be available for Motorola MPx200? Will it affect battery life dramatically on smartphones? Any previews on this anywhere? :) :D
  4. TOPGUN1988

    SD card speed matters on smartphone?

    whoa! max of 512 in the MPx220? Can Anyone tell me if a Transcend 1024 80x Ultra will work on the MPx200? Heeeeelp!!!
  5. Problem with Pocket DivX encoder!! :cry: :cry: i select the file everything cool, i select settings everything cool, i start encoding everything cool, after about 5% encoded computer stops encoding... ;) it's not the machine's problem as TMPG Encoder works perfectly...running on an 64-bit Athlon XP 3000+, ASUS mainboard, NForce chipset, 768 ram ddr, ATI 9700 128MB ddr.. help..!!!
  6. I am ready to buy a second SD card for my motorola MPx200.. I have a normal Lexar 256 MB one and I want to buy a Transcend 1024 MB 80x Ultra... will this card be readable by my phone??? help please!! ;)
  7. wow C550 rocks!! i'll try shrinking my first movie as soon as i get that 1GB SD card... ;)
  8. I have the MPx200 too, and i also have the Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade, and it is keen on ignoring buttons many times.. many solutions for you. 1.) Try downloading Recource manager (some kind of task manager that with it you can stop programs running on the backround) run Task manager from Recource Manager's menu and press menu/"Kill All". 2.) If that don't work start phone withought SIM. shut down, restart phone with sim, try again. 3.) if all that don't work, try to HARD RESET your phone: Shut down phone, fully charge battery, while phone off press and hold the blue action button and start phone. question will come up askin if you want to hard reset your phone.. (process kinda tricky with windows 2003... ..never tried it...) after hard reseting, try again, should work 100%.. if not 4.) keep dog away from wife's new phone... ;) :D :D
  9. Does this Pocket DivX Encoder you mention handle files included in DVDs? I know betaplayer of course i have it on my phone, but i don't want to just convert the DVD's video file into a DivX file. I want to be able to select chapters, select subtitles, audio language etc. on my phone... Is this possible with Pocket DivX Encoder? ;)
  10. TOPGUN1988

    MMSclient program

    Several MMS Composers for free... check google..
  11. hey, i am thinking of getting one of those programs "DVD 2 Smartphone", "DVDtoMobile" etc. that squeeze a movie into a SD card, even four movies on a 512 card, anyway all i want to know before i do this, is the battery enough for watching a whole film??? i have the motorola MPx200 and it's battery life is not something i am proud of... will that battery be able to hold up for a film and then have some stand-by hours left or will phone crash after 20 mins? just askin to know if its worth it takin one of these progs... has anyone tried it yet..? please let me know if you have. PS: of course use of headphones is a must because phone's speaker kills battery and also generates lots of heat right? If my battery is not able of holding up for a film do you maybe know if there are batteries with larger energy capacities than the one motorola is providing? Thanks!!!
  12. whoa.. never heard of that... i think they just saying it cause theres no legal upgrade to wm2003... if i were you i would upgrade it, makes millions of progs and apps available to you, boosts battery life etc. if there was this block you are saying i would change network provider.. it is worth it...
  13. Hi all, just installed Arcsoft MMS Composer on my phone and program was in english but when i execute phone doesn't recognize the characters (little boxes appear where text should be...) it came with a Spanish patch which when i install works perfectly but everything is in spanish.. :/ I tried rebooting phone after installation, doesn't work though.. the program which i downloaded is specificaly made for the MPx200 (says so on read-me file) so i wonder why it doesn't recognize english language... help please!
  14. TOPGUN1988

    miniSD frustration

    some phones like my motorola MPx200 can read many types of cards: SD, miniSD, MMC etc ;)
  15. TOPGUN1988

    motorola mpx200

    did you extract those files from a *.CAB file that looked like a compressed file on your PC? you are not supposed to extract these. just copy the *.CAB file on your Mobile and execute it, will install itself.

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