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  1. Orange website has the M500 for 80 quid now, with £30 tarriff of 200 mins and 500 texts, not sure if this is different with an upgrade though, might have to sign up for 18 months.... :)
  2. Went onto ClubIMate help chat thing last week and got the following response.... who is responsible for that is where the data is stored and what is the type of the memory the device uses. The PDAs use the RAM which needs a continuous power to save the data, whereas the Smartphones use the EEPROM which does not need power to save data and information. Looks like smartphones are safe yay! :)
  3. Hi Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does the smartphone forget everything in the same way windows mobile PPC's do when the battery runs out? Or is this data stored on the phone in the same way a non windows phone works? Thanks in advance Rich
  4. I returned my SP3i when the joystick died and took over a month to get it back again. But think this was because they ran out of spare new joystick bits as so many people had the same problem, and mine was out of the first month warranty period so had to go for repair rather than being replaced.
  5. Sorry if ths is in the wrong place, this question applies to PPC and smartphone. I am currently working on a project to give our corporate users email and internet via GPRS on thier windows mobile devices. What are the virus risks and can you recommend anti virus software, and its pros and cons. I have seen lots of stuff and am not really sure where to start! Any help is appreciated Cheers
  6. 1. Big flappy Mitsubishi pay as you go thing (being used as doorstop somewhere :) 2. Nokia 8210 (sold to mate, dropped in pint of Carlsberg but still alive) 3. Nokia 8310 (sold to different mate, still alive) 4. Siemens S55 (sold to mate's bird, she left it lying around and it got nicked) 5. Nokia 6230 (still in use) 6. Imate PDA2k (work phone, too big, gave it back) 5. Motorola MPX220 (for 2 days, decided I don't like clamshell, changed for...) 7. QTEK 8020 ....quite tempted by the samsung i300 but looks a bit of an ugly
  7. I had a PDA2k for a couple of months and it is a bit massive to carry around and use as a phone. Plus the screen gets loads of ear dirt on it too. :| got and sp3i phone now which is much more convenient but I am guessing not got enough PDA type stuff for you.
  8. Just stumbled across this http://www.clubimate.com/t-DETAILS_PDA2.aspx Looks kinda redundant to me and no windows mobile 5....
  9. I like www.b3ta.com and www.beerintheevening.com! Mainly on a friday afternoon....
  10. ok cool. getting there slowly then but not quite yet. thanks.
  11. basically is just me being lazy. wanted to see if you can get it to check your spelling when you press send (like in outlook on the pc) think you were right the first time though, gonna have to do it the (slightly) harder way or pay a few quid. thanks for the help though
  12. go on, someone must know! or is it a secret, like some aliens the FBI are trying to hush up? :shock:
  13. So does windows mobile 5 work on PPC and Smartphone? It is the same software there is no seperate version for each device type any more? This seems to be the jist of it from looking at all the blurb I can get my hands on but nowhere actually specifically states this as far as I can tell! Apologies if this is a bit of an obvious question
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