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  1. Paul, have you found a way to make the banking apps work on a rooted device?
  2. But this is it. You want it your way, I want it mine, 12 other people want it 12 other ways. If you try and include options for everyone, this takes up memory that widget locker would take. So they leave it very basic and let us pick the one we prefer... Do you see what I mean? Because you want it, why should we all have to have it? They give a foundation for us to build it as we like.
  3. Honestly, yes I think you're looking at it the wrong way. Android is about having a plain slate and adding what you want. Also, STILL no-one has actually explained what is wanted.
  4. Mind you, I had this working on a different ROM. I tried it last night on MCR Ir8 and it didn't work, it failed to make the payment and then said something about reader detected. :(
  5. It's not about making them. There are loads of texting apps out there. Two or three times people have asked for more detail so perhaps they can help and the person requesting has been quite awkward about it. You call it unpolite, I would probably call just call it blunt. Tough. You don't want someone being blunt, be a little polite yourself. "What's it like?" "iOS5" "Okay, but hows that?" "Like iOS5" "Which is?" "iOS5" That's unpolite... I find it rather amazing that following that your whining that someone (me) called you useless. Anyway, yesterday I tried to pay with Google Wallet as I had successfully done so with Revolution HD 2.1.2 the previous week and it didn't work with Ir8. It said something about it might not have been successful, then reader recognised, but the transaction doesn't go through. Anyone else used Wallet on this ROM?
  6. I'm not your mummy, I'm not going to holding you're hand while we try to work out what you want. We're asking for just a little more info so we can help, all you will say is 'like iOS5'. We ask what that is.... 'like iOS5', to me that's pretty useless.
  7. You're really going to be that useless but expect people to help you. Good luck with that...
  8. That looks an interesting service. $15 to give it a try... anyone done it?
  9. https://plus.google.com/111594745227571269500/posts/YcbiZwLGdEz
  10. But also KK6 halved my battery life, as it has done quite a few other people. I still use KK1 myself, but I think it will be different for each person.
  11. Which Market Enabler are people using? There are two, and neither seem to work? **EDIT** If anyone else needs, I used this one in the end - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.vicono.AndroidMarketEnabler So, seems to work. Next problem, how do we top up? :) **EDIT2** Also, I see we have to have the Market set to T-Mobile US to use it too :(
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