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  1. I get the d-pad access to call history even without EZdial. I've uninstalled the trial now to check and it is ok, so strange that yours doesn't!
  2. I'm getting the exact sam thing. Have you done a hard reset by any chance - I did recently and lost some other things - see this topic: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...pid=777379& I haven't been able to fix this one yet
  3. Great! It worked! 3G is back (although I think I preferred the U as it shows that we are one better than normal 3G!) Also normal phone skin is back, with d-pad quick access, DTMF ok too. Cheers for the help everyone... Motje - not sure why your d-pad isn't working still - did you run every cab?
  4. I did try running one of the extROM cabs (the one that was called something phone-y) but it made no difference. I'll try running all of them - should I be installing them to the device or to the extended ROM?(I have this enabled via the MountExtROM tweak) I installed a trial of EZdial which has itself a setting to maker the d-pad directions go to call history, etc but i'll see what happens when I've run all the cabs...
  5. I did a hard reset a couple of weeks ago so that I could rebuild as I want hte phone setup, but have noticed a couple of strang things since. First, I now have a "U" rather than a "3G" in the windows bar at the top - not an issue, but strange how hard-resetting is now different to when I got the device out of the box! Secondly, and more annoying is the phone dialler has changed. It used to be white background with blue buttons, but now it is all blue. That's not so bad, but it also apepars to be "broken" as follows: - Pressing up on the d-pad doesn't go to call history - The keypad is not sending DTMF tones when on calls - i.e. I cannot use any phone menu systems, or access my voicemail properly. I've tried installer the E-TEN dialler skin to see if that fixed things, but it does not correct either of these points, so it must be deeper than the visual level. Anyone have any idea what is going on and/or how to fix it?
  6. Ok, so I hard reset my Vario II (been meaning to do it for a while anyway to get rid of "bad" apps) hoping to clear whatever registry settings had been applied and give me another 30 day trial. Installed the new 1.1 beta and it prompts for registration straight away! Does the new beta not give you a 30-day trial or something? Can anyone confirm that if I put the 1.0 back on after a hard reset I'll get another 30 days?! This is starting to annoy me...
  7. Ok, so my trial version of SlingPlayer Mobile expired and there appears to be no way to buy it in the UK. Is there any way of me getting hold of this software? I know we're not allowed to mention pirating on here, but at this stage I don't care where it comes from - I don't care if I have to pay the $30 either - I just want my mobile TV back!! Any information on how to buy or how to "extend" my trial until they finally sell over here would be appreciated.
  8. I've read all the topics on Modaco, but all seem to be fairly inconclusive. Can anyone recommend a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones (must be truly wireless, not using adapter or anything) that will work properly with the Hermes? They must play music to a reasonable quality, plus work as BT headset for calls (including switching automatically), that's the only requirement really. Ta
  9. Ok, it seems i'm on my own on this one! Surprised in the lack of interest to be honest - seems like the natural progression to me. I thought you guys were at the bleeding edge?!
  10. So, I've had my Vario II for a couple of weeks, and have been madly installing and uninstalling apps to find the ones I like (first time on Pocket PC rather than Smartphone), and my key driver the who time is to take full advantage of the always on, high speed data connection that UMTS/Hermes offers. I've been looking for solutions that will avoid me ever needing to synchronise anything manually (by which I mean plugging the phone into USB, or BT, etc). Push email + work Exchange server takes care of my PIM data, so the other things I've been looking at are access to files, media, etc. My quest so far has come up with the following solutions: - Sky TV is provided by Slingbox + SlingPlayer Mobile - Video/Audio/Photos provided by Orb running on home PC, and WMP10 as player on Vario II - File access provided by Orb add-on currently, although I would prefer something better and may look into setting up a VPN to home. - Map/location searches provided by Map24 Slingbox has been very good for TV and I'm very impressed by Orb generally in terms of setup, but it isn't coping perfectly with my walk to work (some dropouts in coverage black spots). Map24 is also the best mapping software I've come across yet in terms of usability. So, my question is, does anyone have any better/other suggestions for accessing any kind of content remotely from WM devices? The primary driver here is access to all information, anytime, anywhere, without having to think about it first. There seems to be a gap in the software market here - with the advent of high-speed fixed price data connections, the iPod generation should be over IMHO, and the streaming generation should begin! If anyone has any good solutions, please post them here. I'll let you know how my further experiments go...
  11. Ok, the Vario II is my first foray into PocketPC from Smartphone previously and also into WM5. Am I being really stupid or does the Profiles functionality not exist in this OS? Now that the Vario II has me connected to everything all time, it is buzzing every 2 seconds to tell me I have new mail, sms, reminder, someone has logged in to MSN, etc, etc! I know I can adjust some of the ways notifications and events happen, but really I would like to be able to setup a few profiles for different usage modes - e.g.. work, personal, night time with different settings applied for each, just vibration/noise control would be good, but turning on off push mail, wi-fi, etc would also be good. In fact, if there was then an app which could switch between profiles at different times or when logging on to different mobile cells (I remember something on my old SE P800 used to be able to do this) then I could be connected at work, semi connected evening/weekends, and disconnected at night without having to lift a finger. Anyone know how I can get profiles on my Vario II, and if so, how can I switch between easily?
  12. Yeah, did a reset, but didn't seem to help. I know what you mean - strange that it seems to have both going on at the same time. The bubble actually says: --- T-Mobile T-Mobile GPRS Test Connected --- Does this mean that only the second is actually being used?
  13. I'm not sure I've done this right. I'm not seeing the PlanetLabs splash page. When I try to open a page, I get the bubble telling me its trying to connect to "T-Mobile GPRS Test", but it hangs for a few seconds. Then it seems to connect, but when I looks back at the bubble it lists "T-Mobile" and "T-Mobile GPRS Test", so I think it is reverting to the normal settings. Any ideas?
  14. I'm not sure I've done this right. I'm not seeing the PlanetLabs splash page. When I try to open a page, I get the bubble telling me its trying to connect to "T-Mobile GPRS Test", but it hangs for a few seconds. Then it seems to connect, but when I looks back at the bubble it lists "T-Mobile" and "T-Mobile GPRS Test", so I think it is reverting to the normal settings. Any ideas? [EDIT] Ignore, this wrong topic!
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