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  1. I'm having a problem with the Google Local Mobile app - the service just won't connect. It stays on the loading screen forever and always gives me error messages. I've tried changing my connection to both Internet and WAP, but neither seem to work. Any solutions? I have an unlocked SMT5600 on T-Mobile with the full $20 data plan.
  2. I've been wanting to use Dodgeball (http://www.dodgeball.com) with a few of my friends, but do not have the ability to send SMS to email addresses. Is there any way that this can be fixed on an SMT5600?
  3. http://www.modaco.com/Restoring_Extra_Scre...lts-t93963.html Found a cab file there that managed to reset all of my extra screens. Only problem is that when I uninstall the CAB file, my unlock info screen has a completely white background (screen after you press unlock and before you hit #). any way to get the true default screen back on here while also uninstalling the restoration CAB file?
  4. My SMT5600 is rotating back and forth between the headset and speakerphone profiles, even with no headset plugged in and speakerphone off. It makes calls that I can hear through the handset just fine, but it's thrown me off a a few times today when it would ring during meetings. I've tried changing the profile to Normal/Silent but it just won't budge. I'd like to avoid yet another hard reset...any suggestions?
  5. mind pasting the right link to d/l? thanks
  6. Thanks, looks pretty cool. Are any ones available for free? EDIT: my mistake...looks like they have a free version available! Is there anything out there that lets me just go to a webpage and download links to store on my phone for offline reading? I'd ideally like to go to wsj.com and have most of the stories available to read offline. Thanks
  7. Is there a program that allows me to download a webpage to my smartphone for reading offline? I'd like to log onto a news site or two and downlaod some stories for reading on the train where I have no reception (Wal Street Journal, etc.).
  8. yea i've heard of people having problems with the $4.99 tzones plan. I have the $19.99 unlimited, so it works fine. not sure what else you could do...it might just be a limitation of your plan.
  9. Thanks IT. That's all I needed to hear. I've ordered the case and can't wait till it arrives ;)
  10. I finally managed to get gmail working on my SMT5600, but now have a new problem. Even though I've set my phone to download entire messages, I still see emails that come in with nothing but "Mark for Download" in the body. Funny thing is that the message is never downloaded. Instead, I'll leave my phone unattended for a few minutes, and when I come back to check, my inbox will be totally empty...with no trace of the original email in sight. 1) Why are messages still saying "Mark for Download" when I have it set to download entire message? 2) Why are these "Mark for Download" emails myseriously disappearing? Any ideas what's going on?
  11. Thanks IT. I went to look at a Krusell case today, and you're spot on - the multidapt system on the back really adds a lot of unecessary bulk. If they removed that as well as the two snap buttons up top, you'd have one killer case! If only there were a local store here selling the Boxwave/Martin Fields skins...although at this point, it looks like those two are about as slim/form fitting as you're gonna get.
  12. Apparently not being able to receive Gmail has also robbed me of any sort of humor I had left ;) Thanks for the suggestions...I might try a hard reset soon to see if that helps.
  13. That was just one example...and in those cases, I check email before losing signal so that I have them with me for the trip. I've been testing it out regularly on full signal to no avail.
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