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  1. Not a problem I have noticed... When you say notification, is that the alarm chime or the graphic note on the SMS tab ?
  2. Hi, Okay, lets start with the good news, finally took the plunge and grabbed a Diamond 2 via the offer on mobiles.co.uk, overall very pleased with the handset, with some minor tweaks its working just fine, a few things to resolve to get it sorted as I would want. One of the issues still to be resolved is Blackberry Connect integration which is not currently working, I need to expand a little on how it had been working for me before the Diamond 2 arrived in my letterbox. I've been running Blackberry Connect on my Kaiser for a while now, works very well, I was supplied instantemail (T-Mobile) access to Blackberry email service, handset never failed to connect and due to the open nature of T-Mobiles' very good web & walk service never paid any extra data charges in the UK, my PAC transfer happened on Friday and as T-Mobile closed my network access on that day. I have subscribed to unlimited internet/Blackberry access via O2, currently I have not managed to log on to this service using the Diamond 2, I have tried the following BB Connect WM clients: (handset fails to boot !) The BB Connect Identity tab shows PIN as "Pending" & I.P Address as "No Connection", if I use the "Register Now" tab on the utility tab its connects for a couple of seconds, returns an I.P then just returns to the state above. O2 tech support have not been that useful although I sort of understand my problem is not a normal one... I thought my problem was a network issue, although I took the O2 sim out of the Diamond 2 and placed it in the Kaiser and that then proceeded to download all my T-Mobile instantemail that had arrived on that account since Friday, due to this can I assume the network is not the issue ? My questions are, what is a fault ? Handset ? Blackberry Connect ? 02 Network ? Blackberry BIS Server ? Last question, the deal with O2 is Blackberry service and "unlimited internet", I checked by online bill yesterday and had £15 worth of data charges, seems the unlimited part is only if you connect via blackberry browser, does that also mean I'm lumped with the very poor P.I.E as a browser as opposed to either of the Opera products or Skyfire ? Any help/assistance gratefully accepted :D
  3. Facebook integration can be done via a cab, Via XDA :D Had my handset over a week, outside of trouble getting Blackberry Connect working on O2 the handset is pretty good, decided to get the Topaz as opposed to Rhodium as I was a little put off about some of the early reviews which put the boot in on the battery performance. Hopefully I can get the BB Connect issue sorted :lol:
  4. Thanks , ordered an 8GB card to start, I'll buy a 16GB when I know what I want to run on it, I have a 4GB card on my Kaiser and that seem enough (loaded full of cabs)
  5. Thanks for the information imparted so far, very useful ! The Touch HD seemed to be supplied with a 8GB MicroSD card at most suppliers, does the Diamond 2 come with a MicroSD card of any sort ?
  6. I thought I'd give this a bump for my own interest... I'm on T-Mobile, nothing on 3G or HSDPA at my home address and little sign of T-Mobile looking to get our 2G network upgraded to 3G in my area :angry Girl that live next door is on 3 network, lovely 3G signal from her house, I thought the network share agreement would allow areas like mine to use the 3 network and if some area where 3 have no 3G coverage they would use T-Mobiles, and piggyback deal of sorts. Is this not the case ?
  7. Hi Paul, Looking at picking up an Omnia in the next few days, I'm running Vista 32, do I assume the flashing tools only work with XP ?
  8. Really getting used to using Snap2face, great little app, it does a great job of letting you check out other friends pictures online, it seems to now have sync all the images correctly on each friends profile too. Not sure if it use mobile data packets or wi-fi either way its not too slow. Great application recommended, just waiting to see when we have to start to pay for it....
  9. Just to add a note, updated to the latest Beta version (0.9), way better IMHO. Posting on their Facebook page
  10. Maybe its just me, but this ROM is way better than the stock ROM that came with the handset when I purchased it back in Oct 2007, boot up times have improved as has the delay in programs starting. The network signal has also improved, in my house I only used to get a 2G signal with only 1 bar, I'm now up to 2/3 bars and the quality of call is better. I had an issue connecting to my Belkin N1 Router, this has now been resolved too. Maybe its just me :D
  11. I've not flashed a Orange phone, although on the HTC standard handset I can confirm the following: Contact - Appointments re-sync fine after the 6.1 update, all the data that was on Outlook arrived on the Kaiser untouched. All my data setting transferred over fine, in fact the issue I had with my router have been solved by this update. All Office Mobile apps still intact, added addition of OneNote Mobile on 6.1
  12. Just to share my experience with this ROM. I have the HTC flavor of the Kaiser, prepared the phone with a Sprite Back-Up and the flashed the ROM via the downloaded file. My intial thoughts are very positive, phone is way quicker and the boot up times IMHO are vastly improved. The good news is that the version of BB Connect ( works just fine ! The back up made via Sprite will not load correctly, so its back to square on on the installed app's side although add & remove via Windows Mobile Device Center speeds things up nicely. The update seems to have sorted the issue I had connecting to my router (Woo :(), I now need to work out to get all data apps to default to Wi-Fi as standard, any advice ?? Overall, very pleased, thanks Paul for the heads up, seems that trip to the US a few weeks back may pretty useful on all fronts :D
  13. Can anyone confirm is the BB Connect Client works with this ROM ? I want to update to 6.1 and it ain't happening until I know the answer to the above question... Life without my BB Connect software :D
  14. Paul, Are you using the Blackberry Connect client, does it work with this ROM ?
  15. Me too, would say that purchasing from Seido direct from the US or via their EU agent is a right pain in the arse, as a company they have some great products, its a shame they are not to good at getting them to the end user. I'd place an order via Expansys UK, at least it will arrive in good time and is around the same price as getting it from Seido direct Seidio Case
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