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  1. If you only set it to download when docked, you shouldn't have any extra charges. IMHO, i find it useful to have it download every hour over the GPRS/EDGE...then again i have the unlimited data plan. I suppose if you only want the forecast on the homescreen it might be ok.
  2. well here's my contribution. i had been searching all day for that Power Rangers Communicator sound (i didn't know what to search for...watch sound, watch beep) and finally found it here on Modaco. ;) But the clip was noisy, so I redid it. Good stuff... ;) power_rangers_beep__generated_.wav power_rangers_beep__generated_.mp3
  3. so does that Word document have a fix for the roaming icon problem? i'm getting that too... maybe you could post the file. ;) thanks!
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