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  1. just change the default ports and/or use a vpn by default vnc/rdp has no ban on bruteforce
  2. hi, did you know that with reflector.net you can get back almost all of your code? (as you said you used the .net framework)
  3. i think it might not be a coincidence that all the devices without a touchscreen has been cancelled...
  4. i would like a world clock widget....
  5. sorry if i am rude, but i hope that no developers will adopt this system I hate to running setups on my pc, the best way to distribute the apps is through the market; if the developer wanna make it easier for people to find their app on the market, they could just embed a QR code... edit: btw this is the best solution for who is not having a data plan or wifi access on his android device
  6. absolutely remote for that price it is really worthy! WAY more snappy on UMTS than when I was using RDP on my winmo over WiFi!
  7. is impossible: -doing from internal memory is impossible because it will be erased -doing from microsd requires to load system drivers; -doing from wifi... lol, so risky samsung's software only permits the usb cable
  8. so cool! i thought it was impossible to have a wm 6.1 rom!
  9. that's good, so the damage is very limited :(
  10. really i am receiving a lot of spam fomr my email alias registered only for modaco an example of the spam message is: the hacker got the user database omg the password is encrypted? just an MD5 or there is also some "salt" in the ashes?
  11. the right word is "LOL" it's obvious they fear about unlocking&hacking they don't care the customers they think to the money
  12. yes!!!!! they fixed it!!!! great support!!! samsung rulez :( another smartphone brand wouldn't have fixed that :D (i'm referring to sony ericsson with that "memory stick bug" in the P-series and to mitac to their "oops i forgot to sign gapi.dll in the ROM" smartphones) i would buy again from samsung hahahaha great!! +10 rep to samsung support
  13. i know, but the "samsung calendar" homescreen is the best i ever seen and also the theme colours are amazing i want to have it fixed..... :D Maybe taking files from BJ2 or i617?
  14. can you tell me if the US version of the firmware has the "leap year bug"?? http://www.modaco.com/content/Samsung-i60x...worst-bug-evar/
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