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  1. I did but it didn't work. EDIT: Not a fault of the developers but you can't blame them for trying on a cheap as chips phone :)
  2. 10.1 has working nfc and FM Radio. I've got a feeling dazzozo has given up on this build :(
  3. Last nights added hardware/qcom/audio-caf merged FM with alsa. Maybe, just maybe :)
  4. More or less perfect for me now. The only significant nightly was 2 days ago, the rest have no effect on G510 so I'll leave it as it is and call it stable. NFC doesn't bother me as I never used it when I had it but FM radio would be handy for when I'm on the train but no biggy. Over all, pretty impressed with it :)
  5. Not strictly rom related but has anybody had any joy running Movie Studio that's included? Crashes when I try to import any video file.
  6. Front facing camera as far as I can see with a redesigned rear camera and speaker. Apart from that, identical.
  7. I came across it by accident on a blog. Google released it to fix high battery drain. Massive improvement here with 75% left after 15 hours with Wi-Fi on :) I'd post a pic of my stats if I knew how to lol
  8. Battery life has improved for me since installing Google play services 4.1. Still have a blank call screen but that's an easy fix as well :)
  9. My battery drain is terrible while mobile or Wi-Fi is switched on. Would it be worth looking into another baseband? The current 2030 is for ICS.
  10. Jumped straight in at 06/01 and as stable as a horses home here :) As @TangerineTractor already pointed out, battery life is shocking at the moment but I'm going to stick with it because this phone isn't my main one. No headphone notification (but that's common as to be a feature now with a lot of roms) and no NFC but apart from that, everything I've tested is working including latest GAPPS.
  11. Can I just thank tillaz for this ROM. Jumped straight in at B7 and must say this works flawlessly on my G510-100 and a lot better than the poo that Huawei gave us. Is there a simple way of adding NFC or would that mean re-writing the ROM from scratch? I know this is now no longer being developed but once again, thanks tillaz mate :)
  12. Hi y'all ;) OK. Heres a few problems that i have encountered on my spv c500 Orange contract phone. I hope you can help! I set my email to my NTL account, the phone logs in shows me how many messages i have but nothing else? Doesn't download the message or the headers. There must be something i've missed but damned if i know what. Also, i've copied my ringtones and mail accros to my device but when i take the battery out (a severe crash) all is lost! Any way to keep these tones? Newbie so take it easy on me ;)

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