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  1. Hmmm - unfortunatly when I do the above, the 'send via bluetooth' option is not there!! Any ideas anyone? Will
  2. Hi All I've got a JAM and a CK3100 car kit. Caller ID working fine, as is the audio etc but how can I get the phonebook sent from the JAM to the CK3100? According to the Parrot forums you can do this one contact at a time by 'sending contact via bluetooth'. How do you do this on the JAM and is it firmware specific? I'm currently on 1.06 WWE but am wondering if I should upgrade to 1.11 WWE? Thanks Will.
  3. Hi All I use MS Voice command v1.5 uk edition on my JAM and love it. Problem is, when I've got my BT headset on, I can't activate voice dialing or the voice commander from the button on the headset. Anyone know if its possible to switch this on via a reg hack etc? I can redial from the headset but not activate voice dialing. Cheers Will.
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