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    SPV C500
  1. Sounds good! Do you have a working CAB for the i200 already, Steve ? Are you willing to share this ?
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the HTC (S710 / TyTNII) sms/mail tones: alert_ascending alert_Subtle Who can help me with this and post them here ? Thanks! Marcel
  3. Will there alse come a WM Smartphone version ?
  4. Marcel A

    Create shortcut

    Hello, I have a .EXE file in \MYDOCUMENTS I want to have a shortcut in \WINDOWS\STARTMENU How can I do this ?? (not copy but shortcut) Marcel
  5. Marcel A

    TT Mobile 5.2 GPS receiver on Vox

    renamed to BT GPS and solved, Thxs!
  6. Hello, I've installed TT Mobile 5.2 on my vox. The program starts great, but I cannot connect to my BT GPS receiver. I paired the receiver, renamed it to TomTom Wirless GPS But no go ... suggestions Marcel
  7. Marcel A

    Restore from C600

    Nope it will not work ... C600 is WM5 and the E650 is WM6, a different OS
  8. Marcel A

    VOX is a nice overclocker

    How can I overlock the VOX ??
  9. Marcel A

    shortcut to NEW SMS

    Great, Thank You (toppie, dank je ;) )
  10. Marcel A

    shortcut to NEW SMS

    Hello, When I want to write a SMS, it takes some click to com theren. I can make a shortcut to messages, but is it possible to create a direct shortcut to NEW SMS ? Marcel
  11. Marcel A

    Paul (P)Reviews the HTC S710 'Vox'

    What will be the release date ?
  12. Marcel A

    Paul (P)Reviews the HTC S710 'Vox'

    Does Tomtom 6 works on this device Paul ?
  13. Hallo! Vandaag heb ik tomtom mobile 5 opnieuw op mijn 8310 geinstalleerd. Wanneer ik ttm nu opstart kan ik de kaart kiezen, dan doet ie een tijdje niets en springt ie uit TomTom .... Heel vaag .... enig idee??? Marcel
  14. ai ai stupid of me ;) Just got home with a jetlag ;)
  15. The cert.cab installed correctly, but whem I run SPVServices.exe he say that SPVServices is not a valid Windows CE application Suggestions ?

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