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  1. im having a similar problem. I have com 1 and 2 but they arent installed (not disabled, but not installed). Com 3 shows up on activesync but is unavailable no matter what there and by bluetooth. com 4-10 are non existant. i can use com 11 onwards, but dumbass microsoft only allows com 1-9 on activesync. my phone is connected by virtual usb, which works and infrared, but no bluetooth. Is there a place where i could see ALL com ports, not device manager cos it'll only show com ports in use.
  2. londonlad

    Mpx220 Quick Questions

    Thanks for that, might just have to get it now ;) I said brown rather than black, becuase at one point the general consensus was that it was brown, almost a mahogany (spell?) colour. Or has that changed since then?
  3. Hi Im seriously considering the Mpx220 (had alot of time - this time last year ;) ), ive just got couple of simple quick fire questions and if someone could do a review on the UK version (all the other uk reviews are well old) that would be great. Just need some answers, cos we only ever hear the bad points but not all the detail. 1. Is the camera (at max res.) better than C500 (Typhoon)? Or is it just too blurry? 2. Does the ext LCD work as a viewfinder? 3. silver or brown? (opinion, this one) 4. Is the digit dialing any good/use? 5. Is it difficult to get a good pic with the cam? 6. Is the build very plastic? 7. are the new roms improving things? 8. Is the earpiece volume still too low or been fixed? 9. is the loudspeaker low too? 10. how many days on the battery life? 11. answer, cancel call and voice dial from a BT headset working fine? 12. is it easy to read the ext. LCD in daylight? 13. Mirror effect on the front, added quality or cheap looking? 14. easily pocketable? 15. mp3 play back well? 16. anything else, that really gets on your nerves?
  4. londonlad

    Hands on with the SP3i!

    any differences with the c500 in terms of software ?
  5. londonlad

    Orange NHS 10% Discount

    is this only by phone?
  6. londonlad

    AMR player

    i've got video where the sound is in AMR format, it works multimedia album, have you tried it?
  7. going to be released soon, apparently priced at bout $100, made for use with ipaqs. Do ipaqs have the bt audio profile or is there another way? Its also got controls on it, looks pretty good to me... hp.jpg
  8. Anyone using a HS810 (the one with the flip) with the latest e200 rom (the one with improved bluetooth) ? Im asking cos the new one (hs850) is due soon, is there still a problem with the headset not taking calls when the flip is closed ? anything else? call quality? distance? does it take long for the hs810 to pick up the call? etc.. Greatful for any help, thanks.
  9. londonlad

    Interesting Concept....

    sony ericsson would be stupid to pass this one up. best design by far. its a proper mobile phone and at the same time its a proper games console. its does both as it should be done, at the flick of the screen. top stuff.
  10. if you do this one, it might be best if it shows the phone screen at that specific time, homescreen if on the homescreen and video recorder if on the video recorder. that way someone can select the camera app, and it'll display the viewfinder (frame rate is pretty good), which would be the webcam. that'll mean the app would work with any cam app on the phone, that is, it wouldnt matter if its IA Camera like on the e200 or whatever cam app moto uses. Compatible with future phones too. so basically, 1. is to display the screen output on the PC 2. is to make it useable with MSN 3. (if those two arent enough :wink: ) be able to zoom in/out, pan etc. im gonna have to do somethin similar soon enough, still got a couple of years thou.
  11. sorry this is a bit of a weird one but you could make a program that allows you to show the screen of your mobile phone as a webcam so that it can be used as a bluetooth webcam
  12. huh? the only thing thats pink is that one little button (which ive said before, i intend to scratch out or something) are you saying that the strap that comes with sda (if there is one) is pink or somethin?
  13. on you maybe, lol, but definately not with my nike tn one
  14. except the sp3i 8) i dont think the sda looks plasticky, but im sure grubby marks are gonna show well on it, as it did on the t610. depends on the price but im going for the sda for the joystick and that cool thingy that you can hang a strap on the bottom right.

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