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  1. Hi Roth, Thanks for the input - I agree with you (and almost everyone it seems) that Orange have ruined our fab phones with their useless branding. I understand your frustration with Orange but thought that I would point out that if you tell them your 'intentions' it makes it 'premeditated' mate and that could get you in trouble hee hee. I think you might get away with it as a "Crime of Passion" if you were too insist on being tried in France where it is known as "Crime Passionel" but again cannot be premeditated. I am a bit too nervouse to risk the upgrade and wish you every success with Orange. They told me that even their 'refurbished' Omnias will be 'branded' though. Cheers, Rusty
  2. Hello Larnsky, Thanks for the input - I really appreciate it. Latest situation: Finally downloaded 'Orange Maps' and eventually managed to register/subscribe successfully. I also managed to argue my point with Orange that as I had Google Maps and unlimited usage as part of my package on my 'unbranded' Omnia they should allow that with O. Maps . . . they agreed. I have been playing with it for a couple of days and I think it is quite cool. My wife has full Sat Nav 'Tom Tom' for the car, so I don't really need much more. To the person who replied about updating the dreaded BV Orange firmware to the "latest" Official one from Samsung: Is it for UK? What do I need to do - you mentioned having to change the registry, so I imagine it is not the latest UK one? What a great site this is - thanks for the help and comments. Rusty
  3. Me too - would appreciate any advice for this. Until Saturday I had an 'unbranded' Omnia and when I touched the clock it went straight to the 'Alarm' settings. I now have the dreaded BVHH1 and (as above) it goes to World Clock? How tedious! Regards and thanks to all who give their time and patient advice on here, Rusty
  4. Hello greyfox & thanks for the reply. Have you now successfully flashed to xxhi5? Do tell . . . how and was it really scarey? Wishing you every success. Cheers, Rusty
  5. Thanks for your reply dwallersv - I take on board your suggestion for archiving cab files; I was going to keep a 'back up' of any files on my PC hard drive as that allows optimum room on the handset? I have now discovered a link to 'Orange Maps' on my handset which I can apparently download for free (then the catch) and then pay £5 a month for the privilege of using. Anyway, does anyone know if they (Orange Maps) are any good - they promote it as full 3d with voice etc? Regards, Rusty
  6. Help! After superb customer service from Orange - they have replaced 4 (yes four) handsets since October due to problems and each time with a brand new phone. Anyway - I had the last handset for about 6 or 7 weeks and it then refused to 'wake up' or 'light up' after charging and had to be turned off and back on. Orange agreed to replace it and were very good to agree to replace it with a brand new one due to all the previous hassle. So far so good! My new Omnia is: PDA:i900 XXHH1/BVHH1 Phone: i900BVHH1 Yes! Orane branded and quite unattractive in several ways. I no longer have Google Maps (I had unlimited use of Sat Nav in my bundle). From my research on several forums the BVHH1 ROM causes other problems too. What can be done? Can I download Google Maps (free)? Can I update to a "Latest" and 'Official' ROM? Any and all help will be VERY gratefully received (but please type slowly and in extremely simple English). I have 'chatted' to Orange today and they were very polite and tried to be helpful; but weren't; although they did offer to let me 'upgrade' to a different handset free of charge (which I really don't want to do). I have spoken to Samsung today also and they say that I should be able to just download Google Maps and install with no problem? But we still have the BVHH1 issue - please help. Regards, Rusty
  7. Hi Kyle, I'm not sure what you can do - and I think your post might not be picked up as you have included it in this thread. If you want people to see your post you should start a new thread and put your message there - I hope someone is able to advise you. Cheers, Rusty
  8. I have to say that long hours spent researching the issue has shown that there aren't many Omnia owners reporting the same type of problem. I am looking forward to the update too - asap! Cheers, Rusty
  9. Thanks for the reply - it was the loose battery and the date that made me suspicious. Orange say that the battery must be because the boxes are opened and the 'Samsung Manual' removed and replaced with an 'Orange Manual' . . . . ? As you have had the yours for a while with the same ROM as me I am okay with that one . . . still the issue of the date? Never mind - it really is a great phone (can't wait for the [official] update). Cheers & thanks again, Rusty
  10. Hello . . & thanks in advance to anyone who can help, I have taken delivery of my fourth (yes - that is fourth) Omnia handset. This has been due to a continuing problem with the clock. The clock has been 'dropping' hours and not accurate on several occassions with each handset. To Orange's credit, they have run a 'diagnostic' and said that each needed to be replaced (They have also offered to replace it with an HTC Diamond, but I really love the Omnia). Now my queery starts: On two occassions they argued that I would receive a reconditioned handset - but I (successfully) argued that if the handset is covered for 28 days (to be considered 'fit for the purpose') that I should receive a 'Brand new' one. Anyway - I had the same argument on Wednesday; the person went away to check and came back to confirm that I would be receiving a new handset. I took delivery last night (Thursday). When I unpacked the phone from its box, the battery was not in a sleeve, nor was it snugged in its place but loose in the box? When I set up the phone, the date was already showing 4th November 2008 - very strange? I have looked at the ROM and it seems that mine is older/earlier than some of the positngs I have seen from people who got their phones in October? A very long message - sorry, (forgot to put ROM info) PDA: XXHG5/MSHG1 Phone: XXHG5 Rusty
  11. I have just read the answer from awarner. I don't understand what or where when you say "click on the sim unlock" (I know, us idiots must be very frustrating). Please be simple specific. . . . Where to go . . . What to download etc. Thank you, thank you, Rusty
  12. :cry: Help! I need to (sim) unlock my SPV E100 but the 'chat' boxes about versions etc just leave me a tiny (actually a lot) lost . . . Can anyone talk me through actually achieving the sim unlock? If anyone is generous enough to take the time to explain, please do so in (very) simple language. Many thanks, Rusty
  13. :?: Just bought the [otherwise] excellent SPV. I am unable to find/action 'voice dial'; can anyone advise? I have found many sites which state that the SPV has this function and the 'Orange Shop' magazine also lists this as a feature? Regards to all who read this and grateful thanks to any who answer. Rusty x x :oops:
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