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  1. As an added note to this, the T-Mobile ROM also does not light up the keyboard when keys are locked and you move the joystick and I was able to find it download & install it and get everything working and configured. It will be the ROM I run unless I run into issues until either a new working WM6 rom has this feature or I hang up the 2125 / Tornado / SDA / Qtek 8300 / I-Mate SP5. I found it here. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php...ght=htc+sda+rom
  2. I realize that this thread is very very old, but I am digging like crazy for this information. I have found 3 ROMs that don't light up the backlight when the joystick is moved / wiggled / touched. 1 One is the Cingular ROM 2 One is the T-Mobile SDA original ROM 3 The other is a baked ROM from XDA-Developers that is an iPhone look alike. I can't find where to download ROMs 1 & 2 above. Rom 3 is great, but I haven't been able to synch with my work Exchange server with this phone since the flash, something with the registry and the push of the certificate / policy from the Exchange server requiring a simple pin an device lock. For reference, the iPhone rom is in a thread here -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...highlight=vista
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