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  1. That is correct! The video works great however there is no audio on it. :D Got this error No Audio Codec (AMR, 0057) I had downloaded this setup file mpegableDSdecoder-setup.exe, which stated it will restore Audio Codec however still no joy on it still NO AUDIO! I don't even know how to use the setup file. :)
  2. hi guys just found the best video player for my SAP. I just downloaded the stable version of BetaPlayer and works fine on my phone it runs .3gp files and many other more video formats.
  3. where can i download Windows Media Player 10 ? How about BS Player from Ace Mega Codecs Pack 6.03 ?
  4. Is there an available 3gp Video Player for a SAP SmartPhone? Are there any available links for a website? SPECIFICATIONS: Network Type GSM Video MPEG-4, H.263 Audio AAC, AMR Text 3G Text File Extension .3gp Any help is very much appreciated. :)
  5. It seems you have a time conflict between your PC and your device. There is a setting which can be configure whether the device synchronize with PC settings or the PC settings synchronize with the device. Check your options on the device at Active Sync for Schedules and Conflicts.
  6. If you have a compression software installed in your PC (eg. WinZip, WinRar) and you downloaded a .cab file, the icon would similarly look liked they were a ZIP file. Make sure that the extension of the file is .cab. If .zip/.rar then extract the contained files to a folder. If it is a .cab file simply copy the xxx.cab and NOT the .xml file to your phone to IPSM>Windows>Start Menu>Accessories then install it from the phone Programs>Accessories> xxx.cab Home Screen - apps that change the way your home screen, scheme, layout and colors would look. Found at IPSM>Application Data>Home
  7. Your phone might be application lock. Hard Reset - that is to reset the phone to its original config or Restore Factory Settings, shall I call it. 1. Turn OFF the phone. 2. Press and Hold the Record Button 3. While pressing the record button press the Power button until you see the msg "press any key...to load the boatloader" 4. Now press and hold the action button (center button of the stick) 5. there will be the first 8 choices, choose ERASE IPSM Note: You must remove your SD Card to have a successful hard reset. Visit: http://www.modaco.com/Application_unlock_d...200-t97152.html EDIT by pzee Please direct only to legit application unlocking procedures. Thanks.
  8. I had this problem when receiving SMS from Nokia phones . If the messages were created with a (next line/next paragraph) format, after receiving it the messages were distorted with the box symbol [] instead of the next paragraph format. Is there a plug-in or settings for this? My phone is SAP1 SP2002. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! ;)
  9. Thats bad... How long have you waited? Maybe it just needs some time to configure and boot up itself. I think your ROM upgrade wasn't that successful. Can you still go to the 3-color Canary Screen? Try upgrading the phone with other ROMS, if it worked then it could be that the ROM you had just upgraded(previous) was a corrupted ROM. ROMS http://www.smartphonefrance.info/rom.asp
  10. Hi cmacho! first you must Active Sync your phone to your PC via the USB/charger cable. 1. With Active Sync window active, click on Explore 2. You will then be presented with the My Smartphone view 3. Double-Click this then you'll be able to see IPSM,Temp, Windows 4. Browse through IPSM>Windows>Program Files> What folders then can you see there?
  11. EDIT - please read forum rules on warez policy One more thing with Smartface (free) how can I configure it so that I could select the photos only on my phone and NOT on the SD card. Thanks! ;)
  12. Did you mean Registry Editor for your Smartphone 2002? PHM Registry Editor regedit.Stngr_ARM.CAB Active Sync your phone then copy this .cab file to IPSM>Windows>Start Menu>Accessories Install from your device Programs>Accessories or visit http://www.airfagev.com/downloads1.asp?id=18 http://www.smartphone2000.com/
  13. Possible things why your PC don't recognize your devie: 1. Corrupted Active Sync. Try re-installing your Active Sync software (PC Related) 2. Your phone did not have a successful upgrade of the ROM so there was no really OS on the device to interact with the PC connection. 3. ;) No Active Sync program on the device, but I believe it does always have the Active Sync in it! ;)
  14. What recent softwares did you install? Where did you got them, is the website or link reliable? I suspect it could be a virus or something related that have infected your phone.
  15. :shock: Im sorry if my suggestion was misleading, don't mean to interfere with you. Just tryn' to help here... Thanks for the presentation. ;)
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