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  1. I've been using a Kaiser on Three PAYG for 6 months or so and haven't yet had any problems. My other half uses a Diamond, also with no issues. Three advertise the fact that you can use your non-Three phone with their PAYG SIM on the website... http://www.three.co.uk/personal/price_plan...o_/sim_only.omp I would be *seriously* hacked off if Three did something like that that, as I suspect would an awful lot of other people. B)
  2. I had no trouble at all with this on my BlueAngel, but I'm holding off putting it on my Kaiser until these problems get sorted. I'm pleased to see that the news item has gone from the front page now though. :D
  3. I rang Orange earlier today to ask about upgrading to the M2000. I was told it was out of stock, but they did have the M1500 available. They wanted to charge me a fortune for it though so I think I'm off to O2 for an XDA instead. Not sure whether to go for the IIs or IIi though. :o
  4. I unlocked my E100 a few months ago using the OTA method... everything worked fine. However, a couple of days ago my phone somehow managed to re-lock itself. Has anybody else experienced this? Was it the phone that somehow initiated the locking, or did Orange decide to do it for me? Haven't got around to unlocking again yet.... I'll give it a try later. :roll:
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