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  1. Ok, so I have a fairly weird problem (at least, as far as I can tell, nobody else has had this problem). My HTC Desire refuses to sync contact data to my Google account. If I edit a contact on the device, the changes wont be synced to my Google account, but also it will delete any contact I've created on the phone when it next syncs :/ But if I create/edit the contact using the GMail web interface it syncs to my device just fine :S How can I get my sync settings to play nice? I'm using the MoDaCo r3.1 ROM Phil [EDIT: This also appears to be my 1337th post :(]
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...6698%26_fvi%3D1 That is... if you don't mind a silver one :D Phil
  3. Nice that you'll have the option to select apps you want reinstalling, gives you another chance to consider if you really need some apps. I'm also assuming that it automatically installs the CABs, without the standard install UI. So maybe the option to specify where it installs stuff? Could be to the internal memory by default and the option to specify which software you want on a storage card. Phil
  4. Ah the old T-Mobile card :( Normally rattles Orange CSR into doing what they should have offered to do. Phil
  5. Paul, with regard to the post hard-reset install option. You could simply get it to export the relevant XMLs to say a file or a folder which you can then open with AppToDate after you've reinstalled it (or embedded it into your ROM :D ) and it would then go ahead and download/install all your software again. Presumabley you'd have to keep a note of all your reg codes tho... Phil
  6. The Touch Dual is equipped with a 400MHz Qualcomm 7200 compared to the 200Mhz TIOMAP 850 found in the Touch, so in theory it should be a fair bit quicker! Having said that, you may also want to flash a different ROM to the standard Orange shipped ROM... Phil
  7. This is what you're looking for: http://rapidshare.com/files/20180006/BassFix.rar Extract and copy the 3 cabs over to your device, the install SDKCerts, then HTCCerts THEN HTC_WaveDev.cab Phil
  8. Sometimes it won't charge if the battery is completely empty. Try leaving it connected to the wall charger for a day or 2... Phil
  9. There should be an option to use the device as a network port... unless the T-Mobile ROM has that functionality removed.... do you have the Internet Sharing application in your programs menu? Phil
  10. Compatibility? How does the fact I can run Windows applications in Mac OS X under either darwine or Crossover stand for compatibility? I'd like to see Windows run Mac applications :D And I do use my Mac as a computer perfectly well in Mac OS X, iWork for word processing, spreadsheets etc. Mail for, well, email :D Safari for surfing. iTunes for music. Adium for my IM needs. iLife for all my photo and video editing needs (which before you ask, I do use, I have no need for photoshop at the moment). And Palringo running under Darwine in OS X :( Infact the only thing I really use Windows for is ROM flashing and editing etc... Phil
  11. Especially when your a student and well into your overdraft thanks to a combination of hockey tours and fancy dress parties :( Phil
  12. Indeed. And you can run your games either using Bootcamp to boot windows natively or you can run it in mac OS X under crossover or VMware. So its not that much of an issue... Phil
  13. You could try a ROM with the C600 AKU2 driver, that has been reported to fix joystick issues. Either that or you could try spraying compressed air around the joystick to try and remove so of the dust etc. Thats about all you can do besides sending it back to HTC or cracking it open. Phil
  14. http://www.modaco.com/content/Pocket-PC-Ge...ing-over-Wi-Fi/ Happy Internet Sharing ;) Phil
  15. Had some wierd signal problems today as well, I'm also on T-Mobile but running a Vario II. Complete loss of signal for no reason, refusal to connect to the internet etc etc.. I even reflashed my radio to make sure that it wasn't causing a problem! Haven't noticed anything strange before today tho... Phil
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