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  1. Very nice, loving the new transitions and animations. Like the new menus as well. Gmail has had a ui overhaul as well. Looks good.
  2. Just did a manual server check and the update is here. Downloading now.
  3. Well looking at the list of replies to a thread on the HTC Facebook page it appears a bit hit and miss and the server roles out the update according to the phones serial number! Maybe I'm last ;)
  4. I've just bought what I think is an unlocked Sensation XE from ebay. I say think it is unlocked because there is no branding and both and Orange and an O2 sim work in it no problem. Ive read reports that HTC have rolled out their ICS update for unlocked Sensations in Europe but I have not received any updates yet. I'm in the UK. Has anybody else received theirs? Should I just be a little more patient!! Cheers
  5. Hi folks just wondering if anyone else havig this problem. I have a bunch of apps installed, all from the Market but a couple of days ago, if I hit the My Apps button its only showing some of the older apps, i.e. ones that were installed a while ago or have not been updated for a while. The missing apps are still installed, I just cant see them, remove them (via The Market) or rate or comment on them in the Market. Appreciate any guidance on how to get them to show again. Cheers Edit: Clearing the Data in the Market App Settings sorted it.
  6. right at the bottom of the pop-up settings menu there is an option 'custom edit box font'. I think if you check this then the font settings that you use for the conversation window are also applied here. Its worth a shot... Not tried it myself.
  7. Just got a new desire with stock froyo ROm (O2 Uk) and the Gmail sync seems to be pretty hit and miss. I notice from scanning the forums that this has been an issue since froyo release. Just curious to see if its just me and I'm missing an update or something?
  8. Are you running Android 1.5 or 2.1, it comes with Pauls 2.1 ROM, it might not work on 1.5? I'm not sure, I dont really understand Radios that well!
  9. Today both my market stopped working (nothing downloads) and my Gmail app no longer updates. Just wondered if I was alone. Worked ok first thing this morning, now nothing. On a HTC Hero 2.1 MCR R5
  10. I was having a similar problem (though may be different). I tried EVERY single radio for 1.5 but as soon as I loaded Paul's R5 2.1 ROM with it transformed my reception. I know it wasn't a network problem because the O2 transmitter is 20 yards from my house!
  11. Hey thanks all you ex Hero owners for your feedback. Think I'm 99% sold, just need to keep an eye on ebay now.
  12. But Desire and Desire HD both have 1Ghz processor, HD has a bit more ram and Desire Z only 800MHz Processor so i dont think either of those are any more capable of running Gingerbread than a Desire. HD is too big and I dont need a phone with Hardware keyboard. Desire is sitting in my price range, I know its by no means a 'new' phone but still a significant upgrade from a Hero.
  13. Anchor, look forward to hearing your feedback :) Irish, i thought all Desires came with AMOLED? Assumed it was standard hardware.... Re The QWERTY, I've never had a hardware QWERTY so its not something I'd miss on a normal Desire but i'll check it out. Thanks for the tips.
  14. I've had a Hero for about a year now and I absolutly love it. Its my first Android Phone (i've always been a HTC fan using Oranges SPVs with Windows Mobile for years) and have Paul's latest 2.1 ROM on it. However, I've got itchy fingers and want something with a more power that will be capable of running 2.3 or even 3.0 ( I hear 3.0 will have minimum specs!). I'm on sim only so wont have a contract to pay for this. Desires are going for about £250 - £280 on Ebay UK. I cant really afford a Desire HD and anyway it just feels that little bit too big for me anyway. Has anyone here moved from a Hero to a Desire? Any regrets? Any issues (I hear the screen aint great outdoors)?
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