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  1. Peter Foot

    M5000 - Microsoft Voice Command

    I can confirm it does work on the Universal, Microsoft won't support you using it on WM 5.0 but I bought it for my iMate Jam and have installed it on my JasJar instead and haven't had any problems (I installed the cab file manually, not sure if the regular install through ActiveSync works... I also had to manually set the button assignments as by default it assigned Voice Command to the Contacts hardware button. I changed this to the Speech bubble button which normally opens the built in HTC voice dial app. There are some useful registry tweaks here including one to hook your bluetooth headset up to call Voice Command when the button is pressed - very slick. http://wiki.Bad Link.com/index.php?p...versal_Registry Peter
  2. .NETCF Isn't available as a RAM install for Smartphone, You Operator/OEM may provide ROM updates which include .NETCF service packs. Generally, 2003 includes SP1 and Second Edition has SP2 (WM 5.0 has SP3 in ROM) Peter
  3. Peter Foot

    bluetooth dev

    You could start with this Bluetooth library for .NETCF - www.peterfoot.net/Bluetoothv14.aspx Included are a couple of sample apps, the BluetoothRemote / BluetoothRemoteListener would be very similar to your requirements and demonstrate a desktop listener and a client app on the smartphone which sends back keystrokes. Let me know how you get on Peter
  4. Peter Foot

    Help: Read/Write Registry Using VB?

    There is a comprehensive registry "wrapper" in C# as part of the Smart Device Framework (www.opennetcf.org/sdf/). Therefore I'd recommend either adding the dll as a reference in your project, or grab the c# source and build it into it's own dll, then reference this from your VB app. The more complicated route would be to try and convert the whole class to VB... Once you reference this code you'll find the OpenNETCF.Win32.RegistryKey class - this all works just like the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey in the full .NET framework so there should be plenty of examples to follow. Peter
  5. Thats promising, maybe there is still some hope, however Orange France have previously released a v1.72 update for the m1000 which never got released in the UK :D
  6. Unlike the desktop you can only call CreateGraphics in specific places in your code. Setup a method to handle to Paint event for your form. Here use the Graphics object passed in the PaintEventArgs Peter
  7. Sql Server CE is not supported on current Smartphone devices. You'll have to look into alternative ways of storing data such as writing out DataSets to XML or CSV text format (faster and smaller) - see www.opennetcf.org/sdf/ for the OpenNETCF CsvDataAdapter. Peter
  8. Peter Foot

    Accessing the microphone

    See the OpenNETCF.Multimedia.Audio.Recorder class (There is also a Player class for playback) - www.opennetcf.org/sdf/ Peter
  9. Change your P/Invoke to Private Declare Function PlaySound Lib "coredll.dll" (ByVal data() As Byte, _ ByVal hMod As IntPtr, ByVal hwFlags As Integer) As Integer The method is in coredll.dll on Windows CE Peter
  10. Make sure you are calling CreateGraphics within your OnPaint handler, you cannot call it anywhere within your code. Peter
  11. With a couple of P/Invokes yes (or use OpenNETCF - www.opennetcf.org/sdf/) See OpenNETCF.Win32.Win32Window class You'll need to loop through all top level windows using GetWindow with HWND_FIRST then HWND_NEXT. Then check that each is a visible window using GetWindowLong with GWL_STYLE and check for WS_VISIBLE. Then if you've identified a visible window use SendMessage to send WM_CLOSE to the window to close the application. Peter
  12. Peter Foot

    another Backlifht question

    Setting the required power level to off (D4) should do it unless other apps have requested a higher power state. Again release the handle when you've finished to restore the normal power policy. Peter
  13. Peter Foot

    another Backlifht question

    This technique should work for all Smartphones - it allows you to add a power requirement to hold the backlight on full power while your app executes, when you release the handle it returns to the normal settings:- http://blog.opennetcf.org/pfoot/PermaLink....09-9e8009e75954 Peter
  14. Peter Foot

    Problems on SPV C500

    Have you checked with the user that they updated to the latest C500 ROM, there were some issues with the original release. The new version will display an operator version of in the Settings > About applet. Peter
  15. Peter Foot


    It will work on all devices which use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack, currently this means all Smartphones, some Pocket PCs (some like HP iPaqs use the Widcomm stack instead), and Windows XP machines running SP1 or later and using the built in Microsoft Bluetooth stack (although there are still some bugs to workaround on the desktop). I'll be posting some further updates over the Christmas break as I get time to work on the library. Peter

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