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  1. Just upgrade successfully. The hint that it is a must to remove sim card and memory card from device prior to upgrading. Good luck
  2. Jacobus

    Speaking Clock

    Could you pl. make 'beep' rather than speaking. I prefer to have like what Casio watch has :-)
  3. I am using v.3.87 WM5. How to switch backlight on while keylock is running like original to enable to see the screen saver?
  4. Jacobus

    wot no clock?

    I use Automatic Keylock - Danny Baumann. The backlight does not work properly. Once rech keylock time nothing to display - totally blank. :D
  5. Jacobus

    Missing applications

    use 'Default Setting' ;)
  6. Jacobus

    landscape on Graphite

    I am using AE Button plus that can assign button to rotate screen. I did without success. So ... ;)
  7. I did change the font name in registry HKLM/ System/GDI/SYSFNT Ht from Segeo Condensed Bold to Verdana. It work for most but not text of message and pop up menu (right key). Any idea to have entire ? If not, how to increase font size for both of that? ;)
  8. I changed font (Verdana) from registry HKLM/system/gdi/sysfnt but it does not work properly. It does not work for Pop up menu and message (still Segeo Condensed). Any help plz. Also to change font size. I know I can change from Accessibility. But sizing become too big. <_
  9. Jacobus

    Plus Partners: Welcome Omnisoft!

    I bought Vnote quite some and wish to have some upgrading like its competitor. But so far nothing happen. Hope that slow upgrading services are not happening with this software either.
  10. How to set the start up and/ or shut down sound?
  11. None of those has direct button to record like what S60 does. :)
  12. The logic to use is better than John Cody Vnotes and more cheaper. Wish to have record just from 1-click button but not launch then start to reocrd.
  13. It works now with application. Is it possible to change the font type of screen saver (clock face, etc)
  14. Another sw is available: Contactmenu. Download it free from airfagev.com
  15. Had compared to Power Calender which has bigger font size and looks OK.

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