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  1. fatbutcher

    02 Joggler

    I've picked up one of these too. Had looked at them before, but when the price dropped to 49.99+quidco couldn't resist any longer. Defo needs to be liberated from the O2 software. Lack of seek control is a pain, the video play back otherwise is excellent, and the screen is really nice. I've put together a usb stick with the Ubuntu Netbook remix on it as described in the gforums guide, but it does quite work as yet, just makes the joggler hang with a O2 logo onscreen. Pull it out and reboot it and it goes back to the normal O2 implementation, which is a bonus. To tired now to carry one, need sleep!
  2. fatbutcher

    Which Windows Mobile Device are you using?

    For Work T-Mobile Compact VI (Diamond) Unlocked Windows Mobile 6.5 Custom Rom My Own iPhone 3G 16GB Jailborked 3.1.2
  3. Woo hoo!! Thanks very much, had the phone a few days and been quite impressed, battery life is excellent and its feels really quick. Bar the non-VGA screen, this feels much nicer to use than the Compact IV/Diamond I have, the wheel is so much better. Shame XDA-Devs don't have anyone working on ROMs for it, WM6.5 ones in particular, as I've been loving that on the Compact IV. I also wanted to let you other guys know that it went to someone who does hang around here quite alot, I'm not a big poster, but do lots of reading and eaves dropping! (loving that "extended edition" podcast Paul :D ) I'll certainly be making use of this phone, if I go back to the diamond, my mums already put first dibs on it to replace here VarioII.....I'll just have to make her promise not to wear 2 holes in the screen playing solitaire this time.....
  4. fatbutcher

    Free Prepay USB 3G dongle from 3

    Ah ha! I just have a standard USIM or something, didn't buy this dongle. So as its showing on my3 page, should be the same deal then? For those interested, I got an O2 USB modem, E160. Buy it via quidco for £25, add £15 topup to qualify for the £40 cashback, total=£5 with one months O2 internet access. It also came unlocked as a bonus!
  5. fatbutcher

    Free Prepay USB 3G dongle from 3

    Hi guys, Forgive my ignorance if already pointed out, but I couldn't find any mention, but how is this £5/month internet different to the one thats on the My3 add on page? I can't find any info what different between them, this special link and the broardband ones (apart from the obvious stated allowence)
  6. fatbutcher

    Bargainous bargains: 3G dongles - unlimited data for a fiver!

    Damn them!! Why can't they do a USB stick that supported by my router! ooooh, i'm soo demanding! :( For those looking at the '3', theres £11 cash back available via quidco for PAYG Mobile Broardband.
  7. fatbutcher

    Bargainous bargains: 3G dongles - unlimited data for a fiver!

    Its worth noting the conditions of the quidco cashback too which are.... "In order to receive cashback for PAYG Mobile Broadband you must top up with £15 within the first two months to receive your cashback." Still a good deal, anyone know what model it is? I want one to connect to my Draytek router as a backup line.
  8. fatbutcher

    Best deal for Touch HD

    Called mobile.co.uk yeasterday to check status and/or cancel my order as I'd had an email about transfering my number, but not one confirming it had been sent. Anyway, they had dispatched it, and got it today! Just got to decide if I'm gonna keep it now, its got a nice screen, but not very comfortable to use one handed unlike the diamond.
  9. fatbutcher

    Best deal for Touch HD

    I've a HD on order with mobiles.co.uk, been informed its out of stock, despite it showing limited still. Anyone else managed to find a deal to match? I'm after ther £35/mth 600 mins/load text deal with free phone. Maybe Paul should remove the advert that says that they have it in stock!
  10. fatbutcher

    eXpansys HTC Shift @ £499.

    Now that I would pay £499 for that without hesitation, esspesially if the WM side was a full version! Are there any other alternatives to this product?
  11. fatbutcher

    eXpansys HTC Shift @ £499.

    Baaah! Mine too :) Makes you wonder if they ever had any! Did anyone get one?
  12. Mr The Loan Ranger....not sure if you'll see this, but any chance you'll be releasing a 2.03 version of your ROM, which I really like! FB
  13. fatbutcher

    eXpansys HTC Shift @ £499.

    I've placed an order myself, and noticed this HK Warranty thing. I've sent expansys an email a few days ago enquiring how this effects me in the event of a fault developing, not had a response so far, don't want to find out I'd have to send it to HK. Whats this about issues with ROM updates issues on grey imports? I'm seriously thinking about cancelling my order, just sounds like theres to many downsides for something that should be this price anyway!
  14. fatbutcher

    HTC Shift down to £499 at expansys!

    http://www.expansys.com/d.aspx?partner=modaco&i=177867&partner=uknews try that!
  15. fatbutcher

    HTC Shift down to £499 at expansys!

    I really liked the redfly, I had one for a while, but as I was using it with a VGA diamond, it was a pain switching the DPI to make it look nice.

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