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  1. Just updated mine via Kies to ICS - SIM free UK purchased. :-)
  2. Very pleased with my Atrix, had it for a little over a week, nice and quick although I'm not keen on the motoblur rubbish. With regards the FM radio it is a feature of the bluetooth and wireless chipset but the software hasn't enabled it's usage.
  3. I too have an Atrix. I've already upgraded it to a non orange ROM and was definately a good move. A section for it would be grand :P
  4. Hi all, Finally got another WM6 device, the iPaq came free with my work laptop. Any ideas how I can remove the cert?
  5. Only lists one version, judging by the pics I would assume this to work. No chance of this ending up as a Plus partner product? :rolleyes: Not that it matters, i'll buy a copy as I think this is perfect for what i've been looking for.
  6. I think it is a sexy phone, but like the iPod of the smartphone world :rolleyes: It has it's minor faults but generally i've been very pleased with the handset.
  7. Good deals there Paul, I know where i'd have gone if I didn't already have one :rolleyes:
  8. My e650 doesn't change it's status light colour when I have an unread message. Is this normal? Assuming so is there a fix? Thanks in advance guys :rolleyes:
  9. JamieDow


    Both sides = bad - less room for good content and too much like every other site. Left is good - what we're used to but I find myself drawn to it being on the right.....Ahhh the decisions! :rolleyes:
  10. Let us know how you get on Prof. Yaffle :rolleyes:
  11. I have had mine for 3 days and so far *touches wood* i've had no issues. It may just be you've been unlucky with the batch sent to you. I would try a 3rd and see how it goes.
  12. I spent about an hour thinking 'how could orange be so dumb!?!?!' oops yes it does fit :rolleyes: You're not on your own there :P
  13. Lesson learned here is don't just expect MS to make life easy for you because you was silly enough to go and install Vista! :rolleyes: Thanks jimbouk, there is a specific option within the Windows Live OneCare firewall which enables use of activesync. :s With that enabled and a reboot it's working fine.
  14. Hi all, having issues here, my pc will not sync with my e650...using the cable from the box it gets power but isn't recognised by my PC. PC Specs of note: Firwall / AV: Windows Live Onecare O/S: Vista Home Premuim Activesync: Windows Mobile Device Center This has worked with my vario but not the e650. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the heads up, definatly thinking of getting a different phone now.
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