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  1. If your after the diamond then i would call them again, some of the staff dont actually check the computer stock unless you force them to, because they all think that the phones out next week! i did try to get how many are in stock but they said they do not have that information on screen. :(
  2. sorry forgot to add that i got 250mb any time data... and it is a 18mnth contract.. A good deal??
  3. Hi Guys, I've been waiting for the Touch Diamond since last week, just got off the phone to retentions! With my Touch Diamond being delivered tomorrow :D Panther 45 = 1200mins, 500 Txts, 250mb Anytime Data, Unlimited Land Line calls all @ £30 per month (18month contract) Phone was free, mainly due to Tier 5!! Start calling if your looking to upgrade to the diamond!!
  4. I Spoke to orange customer retentions this morning, the person i spoke to was very helpful and told me an internal email had just been sent out stating that the Touch Diamond will be out on Monday 7th July!! No Mention of the touch diamond pro.. Think orange still got a couple of weeks / maybe months knowing orange before this one is released...
  5. here ya go some figures and process on how to get them! when i transfer using ActiveSync and my Magician i get speeds of about just under 2700kbps, you can find out by using analog x netstat live. http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/nsl.htm Install that prog and load it up comes up with a panel, right click and configure and it shows tcp/ip interface select the and measure in bits! it will display the speed of transfer between phone and computer! Attached my sample... Rougly achieved 2600kbps using Sandisk 256mb Ultra II Sd Card (think its a 66x card).. Post your results if you can! see if we can see a difference!
  6. i've just seen that card on ebuyer! you had any issues with it? or is it working all ok?
  7. i thought i'd get a fast card as it speeds up the phone, being able to load files much quicker, im presuming it will let me transfer files between phone and pda quicker too. thanks for the info so far! looks like mobymemory seems to be popular!
  8. Hi guys, looking to get a 1gb sd card for the Magician M500 to upgrade from a Sandisk 256mb card. Just looking around on forums but people are saying some do work and some dont! The obvious card that i was going to get is the ADATA Myflash 1gb 150x, due to its speed, however some of you saying this card does not work? So the question is what card do you use and what size is it? Thanks Ambro
  9. found this http://www.overlayplus.co.uk/dis_product.a...deln=SPV%20M500 its not javaedge screen protector but a martin fields one.. if you buy the twin pack it works out to be £9.49 per sheid or single pack works out to be £10.98 both prices include shipping via airmail from singapore. or you can pick it up on eBay £8.50 look for "martin fields m500" or "martin fields jam" UK Shipping! ive purchased the one on eBay (oman666) let you know how it goes! Ebay Info on Protector: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=5800092770
  10. yeah im interested in purchasing a screen protector too! got my m500 last week time for a protector! let us know thxs
  11. hi i was gonna do the update aswell if you can send me the tutorial i'll host it on my site for a bit.. email: m500tutorial at new-dawn.org thanks
  12. Hi there, asking for a bit of help! i must have the most messed up spv e200 phone around! My phone does not Sync its contacts with Outlook so therefore i can't backup my contacts correctly. And Yesterday my text messages 2000 off them got wiped out in an instant! the phone hung and i had to restart it and noticed my SMS folder was empty and my POP3 account which i made had dissapeared! and on top of that now each time i recieve a text it does not store it when the phone is switched on and off, everything gets reset! i've salvaged as much as i can. the \Storage\Windows\Messaging folder and the cemail.vol file... i've opened the cemail.vol in winhex and it contains all my text messages! along with the 2000 files in the messaging folder... im guessing its a registry problem for sms and a database problem for the contacts. What i wanna do is a total factory reset, but some how i need to make sure i can get my texts back and my 400 odd contacts.. if any1 knows of any ways to backup and allow me to restore any of the contacts or sms with out Syncing with Outlook please let me know! thanks in advance Ambro!
  13. phillyfan: tried scanpst but nothings wrong with the pst files. (there are no contacts synced at all which are transferred to outlook even though it says 285 out of 361) seems theres somethin wrong with the contacts on the phone wish i could extract the contacts out from the phone without syncing with outlook and check if there was any corrupt entries.. Ambro
  14. this release has still not fixed the problem that i have where my contacts are not getting synced with outlook! gets to region of 280 out of 350 and stops. i've been told i might have a corrupt contact but dont know how im supposed to find out which one it is!
  15. nope had no luck, heard it might be something to do with Numbers having extra blank spaces (white spaces) or if you use the note feature on the contacts.. try clearing the notes see what happens... think your gonna have to go through your contacts one by one!
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