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  1. I'm looking to upgrade from my Wizard to something newer. I'm looking at two different phones, I specifically want built in GPS: Mio a501 - OMAP850 (gag) 200 mhz, no wifi, 2.8" screen, built in GPS. WM5 Eten x600 - Samsung 400 mhz, wifi, 2.8" screen, built in GPS. WM6 The Eten seems faster in terms of raw MHZ. Spec for spec hardware wise, it's the winner since everything else is equal except for the wifi and speed. But, the question is - how does an OMAP 850 200 mhz compare to a Samsung cpu twice as fast? Is this getting into the "megahertz myth" area where more efficient CPUs can blow high mhz ones away by doing more in each cycle? I don't care about WiFi but it is nice to have. The Mio comes with very nice location-aware SMS and camera software that embed the coordinates into messages/photos. The Eten comes with software that I probably won't use because I already have similar stuff that I like. I know there are double-capacity batteries for the Mio and the OMAP 850 is very easy on the battery. It shows in the standby time, which is 170 for the x600 and 200 for the a501. The x600 is $60 more than the a501. I'll have to buy a MicroSD card for the X600 vs using my current MiniSD card in an SD adapter in the a501. It seems neither supports SDHC cards but the X600 "might" because WM6 is supposed to. ? The a501 has an "autofocus" camera which seems to take decent pictures with a decent interface... the x600's cam seems to have terrible output. The a501 has the d-pad on the left side at thumb-distance, the x600 has it in the usual place. I really want some opinions here.... The only major differences are the Wifi, CPU, camera quality, and software. I'm leaning towards the x600 simply because it's a newer, faster, better looking device. If someone has a suggestion on another one for a reasonable (USD$400 range) I'd like to know. If someone's selling a used one cheaper, I would consider that as well.
  2. I have a problem when I use TomTom and my BT headset at the same time. My position/heading jump around and speed up/slow down randomly when I'm speaking on the headset but not when it's turned on but no call is being made. The GPS receiver is also Bluetooth but it's a cheap one. If it matters, I'm using a Wizard and this happens at bout 195 and 247 mhz so it isn't a speed issue. I think it could be caused by too much bluetooth bandwidth being taken up by the headset. I just wanted to know if anyone else had seen this before.
  3. What is this tmobile issue? I'm thinking about getting the QVGA version of this (Pharos PTL600) and I'm on Tmobile USA. The QVGA version is WM5 so I don't know if this bug would be an issue or not? Lemme know before I gather up USD$500for it.
  4. 1 nautical mile is 1.15 regular miles.
  5. So kilometers converted to standard miles is no good? Crap...
  6. (This looks like I'm shilling for this headset but trust me, my MasterCard knows better) I've had a number of headsets and they've all sucked for one reason or another. Take your pick; from bad range to low volume, I've had 'em all. I think I've finally found a headset that I might actually keep until its little non-replacable battery poops out. This morning, I called up my local Cingular store and asked if they had the Jawbone headset in stock. The guy on the other end said they did. I ran down and gave up my $119.95 plus tax for the grey model - the only color available right now. Getting back to work I charged and paired it, swapped around the ear hooks and speaker buds, then made a call. Asking the person on the other end of the phone wether they heard the music got a "What music?" answer back. Success! If you don't know anything about the Jawbone - well, not many do so don't think you missed something. A few years ago Aliph designed and sold a wired headset that had the same noise canceling tech in it but it never really took off due to the cost and bulk of the original design. The new design is 2.25" long, 7/8" tall and between 1/2" and 3/4" thick not including the earbud. It's hefty but doesn't really have a lot of bulk to it. I can't seem to find specs on the weight but it seems similar to my BT250v which is 0.8 oz. It seemed like it was going to use some sort of bone conduction tech at first. Upon closer inspection, it seems that it uses a combination of anti-noise and bone conduction to do its job. I haven't found any details on how it works but I suspect that it uses anti-noise to remove ambient noise from your location to clear up audio to the earpiece and uses the vibrations from the jaw when you're talking to allow your outgoing voice to be heard. There is a small silicone nipple that touches your skin and that seems to be a sensor to pass certain frequencies only when it detects activity. In practice your voice sounds hollow but there is almost no extra noise. I've been able to sit 6" away from a speaker with its volume up fairly high and the caller on the other end could hear nothing while I was talking or listening. The noise tech can be turned off by a hidden button under the logo (the case flexes) which works the volume as well. Speaking of volume, it has 4 levels - the loudest which is decently loud. It doesn't have all of the button press combinations that other headsets do but I never used them so I won't miss them. All the main button does is Talk/End and power. Also hidden under the plastic shell except for a raised bump. The range between the headset and phone is also very good. My BT250v had to be about 2' away from my MDA to get a static-free connection. Great in the car but sucks when on a call in a store where you're still holding your phone in your hand. It's nice to be able to put it on my right ear and keep my phone in my left pocket and use MS Voice Command. By the way, VC works very well with the Jawbone due to the lack of ambient noise! This is a fantastic headset! My only gripe (and I usually have a ton, TRUST me!) is that it doesn't shut off when set on the charger so if you're like me and like to "hang up" the headset on the charger, you need to change that. Another minor issue is the charger cord is proprietary BUT it at least has a USB plug on the other end so you could use a cigarette lighter plug to USB power adapter for in-car charging. In closing - if you work or play in a noisy environment or like to talk in the car with the windows down and radio up, this is your headset! Good talk time, decent design, good fit, and AMAZING noise removal! They have a preorder special at jawbone.com where you get free ground shipping to the 48 states in the beginning of the year when they officially start selling them but I'm unsure of what they'll be doing for international sales. Probably hefty shipping from the US until they start selling to distributors overseas. Hope you found this useful! It's pretty slow at work today so I'm filling time :)
  7. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    By the way, I would assume that all their counterfeit headsets have the same build date stamped on them regardless of when they were assembled :) Motorola seems to go off of date of purchase so I'd be covered since I bought it a week ago.
  8. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    Well that's what I was going to do until I saw the Jawbone (jawbone.com) for a little bit more money but with noise cancelation for both the speaker and microphone. Now I think both are going back. Plus the H700 seems to lose its pairing when it's been flipped close. I have to either reset it by plugging and unplugging the power adapter or rebooting my MDA. I've read comments of people using 8125s and MDAs without any problems so maybe I got a problem unit. Who knows.... All I know is so far the only headset that "does it" for me is the Jabra 250V but it's heavy and ugly with no noise cancelation at all.
  9. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    I was under the impression that if I received a headset in 12/2006 that was made in 10/2005 and was a revision below the current product that I would get the same as a replacement. Motorola wouldn't hang on to old stock so their supply would be current. Regardless, at least Motorola wouldn't send me a fake although I would be double screwed for $65 and $120 since I doubt they would give me the fake back to return. The real H700 came from Amazon today and it looks pretty much identical. There are slight differences: The chrome on the real H700 is slightly darker and the silver is the same color. The metal accent panel on the flip with the "B" symbol is smooth and inset on the real one. The earhook pivot isn't as tight and the silicone extension is stiffer. There is a slight beveling around the volume up/down buttons on the real one. Joints between the two halves and mould lines are minimal. The speaker holes are slightly larger on the real one and the speaker housing seems to be a darker color than the body color. The model number is SYN1311 instead of SYH1311. On the box, the font by the UPC code is lighter than the fake. There are two welds holding the box front/back together. Numerous pamphlets (I didn't bother to examine them) were included about health/safety/etc. Plus, the genuine part doesn't have crappy incoming and outgoing sound or static.
  10. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    I rered my first post and in the first couple lines I meant to say that I called Motorola's tech support for an exchange - I was going under the impression that Newegg's stock was old (since the date code of the H700 was mid-2005) and they wouldn't replace my Rev-A with a Rev-B like I wanted. Sorry for any confusion... my proofreader is on vacation. :)
  11. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    Minor update: I got an email back which was pretty much a form letter. The rep gave me an RMA number for the H700 that is going to be shipped to me to send back and basically told me that I can either take it at the $120 non-exchanged fee or buy it elsewhere like on their website. No mention of wether or not they would investigate Newegg or anything else.
  12. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    Well of course but people need to be informed so that they aren't continuing to sell the fakes. My guess is that they know they have fakes and continue to sell them as legitimate either because they got stuck with a bad shipment or they are knowingly ripping folks off and hoping the can't tell the difference. I ordered one off of Amazon (direct from Amazon, not a reseller) for $70 with $2 overnight shipping (I have Amazon prime). It should be here tomorrow morning. I'll take some pictures to compare the two since they'll be side by side. I really want this to be a good experience... Every time I give Motorola another shot, something happens that gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Obviously this isn't their fault but their crap customer service compounds the problem. I had a T720 phone stuck in their repair center for two months and it took an email to the CEO to get it fixed. This should be interesting to compare the fake, the one from Amazon, and the Motorola replacement unit. I just realized that the Motorola one may not be the whole retail package so it might not be worth keeping it and getting dinged for $120 or $100 or whatever they end up doing. I may not even hear back from them with my email I sent.
  13. jcostantino

    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    "Uhh... we're an authorized motorola reseller" and generated an RMA for me. I find it hard to believe that they would buy knock-offs unknowingly. I should've known that the price was too good to be true but Newegg always sells for less. I bought a H605 there but couldn't stand how ugly it was. Maybe it was a knockoff as well but I don't know - the ringtone was Flight of the Valkyries - I've NEVER heard a Moto headset with a musical ring, usually it just beeps. The Jabra 250v I bought from them seems legit. It's so far the best sounding headset I own - I just hate the proprietary power connector and lack of noise reduction. Apparently Ebay is rife with this kind of stuff but I would've never suspected such a large company like Newegg with a generally very good reputation to sell fake stuff. I wish that these companies would stop outsourcing their customer service. The people in Buenos Aries are nice and speak reasonably well but the language barrier (I had to say "fake" instead of "counterfeit") is impossible to ignore. I was pissed that Motorola would sell such a shoddy product but now I'm just pissed that I can't speak to a person who understands what I'm saying. Plus I have to SHOUT because of their crappy VOIP link.
  14. I bought a Motorola H700 headset last week from Newegg.com (a LARGE internet PC parts company in California) and received the headset yesterday in the mail. At first blush, I thought it was defective and called up their support to get an exchange. I gave my credit card details to get an advance exchange and was told to expect it in about 5 days. Just before leaving work last night, I came across a PDF by Motorola describing what to look for in a fake headset. Here. It turns out that the H700s that Newegg is selling for $55 plus shipping are fake, or at least I'm 95% sure of it. It is a VERY good fake and difficult to spot unless you have the guide. The headset's model number is SYH1311A, it should be SYN1311A. The box logos aren't consistent with Motorola's design guide. It came packaged with protective plastic sheets in places that Motorola doesn't apply them The model number and other information is printed on the case and not laser-etched. The earhook material is too soft (compared to my HS820 at least) There are exposed mould lines on the case The power adaptor's mini USB cable is two piece plastic and not moulded The regulatory agencies on the label are wrong The blades that plug into the socket are rusting slightly and are very rough It might sound like a lot of those things are just nit picking but if you read the guide above, most of the ways to visually identify a fake are VERY minor. If it said something other than "MOTOROLA H700" when I paired it, I might have picked up on it quicker. Now I don't know if Newegg is selling ALL counterfeit Motorola headsets. I don't know if all three versions (all black, silver, Dolce & Gabbana) are fake. I don't know if they are willingly selling them either. All I know is that I'm out a lot of time talking to their bonehead call center in Buenos Aries, I'm out return shipping back to Newegg, and I was almost screwed out of the $60 for the headset if I sent Motorola a fake in exchange for the real one they are sending. I wrote an email to Motorola support asking if they might be able to help me out since I'm getting the short end of the stick. They sell the H700 for $99.99 with free shipping on their website. If I don't return the replacement headset I will be billed $120.00. Obviously I can't return it so if they could bill me $99.99 or less, I would keep the replacement headset they send. I think that sounds fair but I need to wait for their reply. Anyone else bought a Motorola headset lately? Maybe from Ebay? I was wondering why the reviews ranged from "It's too quiet, has tons of static, muffled voice" to "Need to turn the volume down, works to 25 feet with no static, and people say I sound better than when I'm on the phone.
  15. You could use a different satnav program. Mapopolis leaves the start bar on the screen. Uh.. iGuidance does as well (but version 3.x is North America only).

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