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  1. huddie

    GB end of life

    Think this says all you need to know: http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html Looks like it's still popular, but things change quick.
  2. Yeah, we always want it all, but you'll not get all that stuff in one device for a long time.
  3. huddie

    N00b working on The Opticon H16

    There's a developer forum for this sorta thing on Modaco: http://www.modaco.com/category/113/Windows...le-Development/
  4. Great post. Downloaded that stuff as it'll probably come in useful. Thanks.
  5. Check if it needs the full international number in each contact (e.g., +44208123456) or just the national dialling one.
  6. I definitely think you should've went for the TyTN II. I know you'll miss the M5000 VGA (I have one too), but I'm sure you won't miss having a brick in your pocket. The TyTN's reasonably sized. Alternatively, you could try to fix the M5000 if they let you keep it. I assume that you've tried doing a hard reset ? Don't forget to backup sync first. I've gradually realised that all the problems I've had with mine (apart from size) have been due to Orange, not HTC or M$. This is due to their crap customisation, locking the o/s for installing software, registry changes, etc., poor performance, bluetooth problems, etc.
  7. Try clearing the notification queue using SKTools: http://s-k-tools.com/
  8. Squilla, You're in the right forum, but you need to provide way more information than you have. For instance, are you sure you were originally using ActiveSync 4.2 ? Are you syncing directly to Exchange or just to the PC ? What version of Windows are you running it on ? Do you have a service pack installed ? You can enable ActiveSync logging on the device by doing the following: Open ActiveSync on the device while it's disconnected. Select Menu / Options / / settings / Next / Advanced... / Event logging. Events will be logged to the following folder: \Windows\ActiveSync\. These logs could help you troubleshoot problems. Also make a note of any error messages you're getting. If you're trying to sync directly with Exchange, check that you're getting network connectivity from the device. You could use Pocket IE or VXUtil to ping, etc.: http://www.cam.com/vxutil.html Finally, if push e-mail is available on the device, check if it's turned on or off. Good luck.
  9. huddie

    Wireless problems

    Hi LSmith, You shouldn't need Comm Manager. Go to Start / Settings / Connections tab / Advanced / Select Networks. Try setting both to My Work Network. Also, under Connections, select Wireless LAN, select the Configure Wireless Network icon on the very bottom-left and (assuming you have already created it) select your wireless network connection from the list. Check that the settings here are correct. For instance, you could check that 'Connects to:' is set to The Internet. Hope these ideas help. Good luck.
  10. Alan, I know a guy who's gone the other way. He took his Orange SPV M5000 (HTC Universal) and flashed it with O2's ROMs and it worked. I don't think he had much trouble doing it. I'm not 100% sure it won't brick your device, but I can't guarantee it. The likelyhood is, even if it didn't work, you could just flash it back to O2 with O2s ROMs.
  11. Try turning off auto gain control on the mic. Also try a soft reset. I've had different versions of Skype for PPC working fine on my M5000, including 2.0.
  12. Device Information: Name: SPV M5000 (aka HTC Universal) Operator version: ROM version: 1.30.90 WWE ROM date: 24/2/2006 Radio version: 1.13.00 Protocol version: 42.47.P8 ExtROM version: 1.30.174 WWE Windows Mobile 5.0, v5.1.195, build 14847.2.0.0
  13. I've got Voice Command 1.6 working on my Orange SPV M5000, with phone audio coming through the Jabra BT135 headset. However, Voice Command prompts still come through the internal speaker and my voice commands are recorded by the internal mic. Does anyone have a fix for this ? The BT135 only shows one profile in bluetooth on this device: hands free. ;)
  14. huddie

    85020006 ActiveStink problems again

    This probably won't help anyone who's been getting intermittent connectivity problems, but since sorting my problem I've gone from never getting network access on the phone when connected via USB to a PC to getting it for the first time today. It remains to be seen whether it'll give me a reliable connection. If you go into Start / Settings / Connections / Menu / Advanced / Menu / Advanced, there's yet another field where you can choose your network when connected to a PC. Choose Internet. Hope I remembered this right and hope it helps. It's a very deeply buried setting and it took me a while to find it.
  15. Sorted it, thanks to Martin's post in a different thread: HKEY_CURENT_USER/Control Panel/ Sounds/Calldrop: set to sound file name.

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