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  1. Hey guys and gals! I noticed on the misses C550 (jealous) that the time is displayed on the unlock screen along with the date etc. Its only a minor thing but can it be done on the C500....with some cool mod or reg hack or something? cheerz, u_trip
  2. After all that the C550 is finally on the orange web site, although it is a shame about the size and lesser battery life (over the C500), one step forwards and two steps backward anyone?
  3. Alright guys, more texting related questions im afraid......... Does anyone know if it possible to reduce the short pause you get between entering a word and the 'list' of possible words poping up that it could be (for T9 text entering). Im guessing its not just cos the phone is slow.....can't be with a 200mhz processor (SPC C500)....or could it.... i have tried searching the registry, but its big and PHM crashes when i use the 'find' option ;) Cheers dudes.
  4. aye lad, you done good there. i have wanted something like this since i got my C500, it should come with it anyway!! how does it work? i you don't mind spilling.....
  5. awesom, cheers dude. perhaps some command line fiddeling or something to do with 'appman' command might take into a new message? Or what about the crazy key sending it does when you click certiain menu options (like the bluetooth option in the 'quicklist' meu)?
  6. good effort crafty, this worked a treat on C500, i wanted it to get me in to messages, sorted. cheers dude ;)
  7. Hey, i was thinking wouldn't it be nice to customise the homescreen softkeys? or at least the contacts one. it would be nice if you could make it take you to a new text message. Does anyone know a reg tweak for this? Cheers guys ;)
  8. alright guys, im having trouble getting used to the texting app in windows mobile, does anyone know how to make it stop putting random words (i know it thinks i want them, but i don't, typical ms) and spaces inbetween words when you go back to edit them. oh, and does anyone have a t9 dictionary .dll editor or know how to remove words from it, i have saved 343 somehow by accident :oops: and every time i want 'did' it comes up with that! cheerz
  9. i think it depends, either pulses of 0's and 1's at certain clock intervals, or by frequency modulation (or combination) by the look of things. Check this website http://www.hw-server.com/docs/IrDA_standar..._protocols.html it seems to be dependent on the application. not sure what the deal with phones would be tho
  10. Alright, Im pritty new to whole SPV and windows mobile scene, but i like ;) although one thing that is bugging me is the texting app, im was a die hard nokia fan, and I think they got texting right. Something i would really like get hold of is a nokia style texting application for Windows Smartphone (I have a C500), i.e. one that you can change the T9 words with the * key or similar and be able to reselect words once you have typed a message. Does anyone know of one, if its even possible?, or better still could someone write one.....he he..... Cheers dudes,
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