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  1. So it's a buggy handset? Damn, i was considering getting one.
  2. So you bought a new phone... i don't see the point of this thread. Are you trying to say goodbye? o_O
  3. I know every dev hates being asked for release dates, but when can you bless us with an updated rom? :P
  4. Is it possible to update through OTA? I got a notification that OTA update is available but everytime i click Download a message pops up and says: There was an error with the download
  5. Files are no longer available. Neverming, found them here http://files.podtwo.com/splash/
  6. Thanks, i've rooted already and will try to jump to B926 directly. Edit: CWM installed, Imei backed-up. Now just to wait a few minutes 'till B926 downloads. Edit 2: Flashing B926 from a 2GB card (which as i've read is wrong but fingers crossed) Edit 3: Flashed and operational :) However, i feel sad that this is still branded by Huawei. Is there any way to get to the stock ICS look?
  7. Yeah, i was gonna follow this guide, but the original B886 rom is no longer available so i'm downloading B888. Anyway, i don't care for a stock GB rom so i was thinking about skipping the stock rom and just flashing CWM directly and get ICS, but i'm not sure if i should root first.
  8. Quick question: do i have to root to install CWM? I'm currently on stock 2.3.6 with baseband 109808. Build number B886. Just wanna put ICS on it.
  9. Smaller screen is a good thing? To you maybe, and the viewing angles are really horrible, or you have really low standards. Who plays games on a phone these days? 12 year olds? Who cares about gpu performance on a phone, let alone benchmarks. The rest of the camera specs are easily achievable through 3rd party apps, except 720p video. 2GB is enough for apps? It's not 2009 anymore, sorry. You already have official ICS right here on the forum, but since you don't know/don't want to flash roms your loss... Really? Such colorful adjectives, "Beats, Wipe out" Like i said ↓↓↓ LOL, that was a joke when i first joined Modaco long time ago when you couldn't type your phone but select it from the list. (You should do your research: Member Since 14 May 2005) Like i said, to each his own. If you're happy with your Xperia U, great, just don't rub it in like everyone else is an idiot. You were screwed by Vodafone, i got screwed 2 years ago like that by Telenor. Operators are bastards.
  10. Man, you took an Xperia U and you're praising it? :blink: -It has a smaller screen with worse viewing angles than G300 -It has a DualCore 1GHz CPU yet it has no substantial benefits from it, not even 1080p video recording so you're basically getting worse battery life. ICS runs the same. -It has fixed 8GB internal storage of which is only 4GB available and no SDCard slot :o I don't really see how you got a better deal here :wacko: I was gonna get Xperia U on a 2 year contract for 70 Euros but when i saw the screen angles i was disgusted, that thing fits into category with Wildfire, i'd rather get Xperia Ray if i had to go SE way.
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