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  1. Is there a mod available to do something like this; when a page is loading in the default web browser you are stuck with the address bar at the top which if you want to view anything at the top of the page you have to wait for the page to load fully first to allow the address bar to dissappear. Is there a mod which loads the page sepearate to the address bar (below the address bar)
  2. Is there a app yet to control the LED for notifications? And different colours does the LED have on the Desire?
  3. Are you using the stock messaging app? Because i am using chompsms an get problems sending texts usually regular problems
  4. preetkk

    TV Out?

    Mate try the same av lead you had with your n95 might work..... I havent got mine at hand to try But failing that I have seen micro usb av leads campatible eith the HTC Droid maybe they will work
  5. I did read somewhere that the Palm Pre is very fast at taking pictures...... litterally at the button press it takes the picture and then is ready for the next one... I read it somewhere on the internet a while ago
  6. My trackball stopped working on a factory sealed desire the with stock fw on the click still worked on it tho
  7. Nokia N95 camera is very good because of its lens - carl zeiss 5mp.... I used to have two N95's.... the n95 is better than my spare casio 7mp camera lying about... Right now I have the HTC Desire much better phone than the N95... apart from one thing i guess the n95 is louder If i remember tomorrow i'll take pictures off both phones so you can compare quality
  8. Gmail syncs fine but for google contacts it keeps saying "Sync is current experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." Is anyone else having this problem? I am using a HTC Desire with latest firmware
  9. You could use google contacts on google mail... it works on any OS because its web browser based... and it sync contacts of gmail to phone AND phone to gmail
  10. On the htc desire You goto settings and then about an then update an then untick
  11. If you wait about a week let your number go through fully on VM's side and then phone them and say you have lost your sim can you send me another... they should send you a new one and this new sim should have the correct number programmed to it I guess.
  12. I have witnessed the same problem many times with other phones... the sim card's number will show instead of the number ported on to it... Personally I think its because the number is programmed onto the sim at the factory and the number programmed on to it is the number that the phone shows to you.
  13. Worked great I used the the 4gb card that came with my Desire - and used Windows 7
  14. Perfect Guide Worked 100% I updated to the modaco FW and then later updated to rooted 2.10.405.2 Great Guide! Just to add any problems that I had "signature verification failed" were due to a bad gold card in the end I used the 4gb card that came with my Desire and it worked perfect
  15. check if it is rooted: On your desire, enter fastboot by pressing power & back buttons from bootup. Then press power then with power to select & volume to go up/down, navigate to where it says 'RECOVERY'. got the info from this thread
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