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  1. Well, I had an iPaq hx4700 and it doesn't seem to be as fast as that.
  2. I was thinking of getting Tom Tom mobile for my M5000 but I don't really fancy it. I'm not that impressed with the processor on the M5000 so I think it'll be a bit slow. I think I'll get the standalone Tom Tom One for a little bit extra instead. Has anyone compared the 2?
  3. can the spv recieve stuff by wap push? I have tried to buy a few ring tones in the past but never got them - I understand that these are usually delivered by wap push. More importantly I am involved in a project that is trying to send messages by wap push. SO far whenever I have tried to send a message to my SPV nothing has happened. THis works fine with other wap phones. If the spv does not support this is there any software out that there will allow it to recieve wap push? THanks Hope you can help.
  4. I am sure that this has been covered already and I apologise for re-posting. I did do a search but I got over 9000 results and none of them answered my question. My contract runs out soon so I'll be replacing my original smartphone. I really like the idea of smartphone but hte original had a few little issue which I learnt to live with. ANyway, I want to get another smartphone but don't know which one. I just read the review for the e200 with blue tooth and built in camera - this seems like a pretty good option as I wanted a built in camera and blue tooth. The last paragraph put me off though - about the battery life (something I don't like about my current phone) and those bugs that were mentioned. Have any of these bugs been worked out? I also saw some stuff about the motorola phones with better batteyr life but this doesn't have a built in camera does it? Also doesn't seem to have blue tooth. I would prefer to stay with an SPV but will consider the motorola. Any advice / comments welcome.
  5. I just phoned up orange to try and get some help with my SPV - surprise surprise they couldn't help but they told me to come here saying that the answer to any question anyone could possibly have about the phone would be here. I have been to the site before but not for a while - good to see your efforts are appreciated!
  6. I have searched the forum to look for a solutioin to this but couldn't find one. I want to change my MMSC to mobilecohesion. I know that the IP is but am not sure where to put this. I have gone programs - accesories - Mms Settings and have edited the Orange Wap profile and added this IP. I don't know what Mmsc Address I have to put in though. Also how do I tell my phone to use Orange Wap instead of ORange GPRS - is this done in the data connections bit? Hope you can help Giles
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