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  1. Hi there, I have a Netgear Readynas Duo which acts as a DLNA server. Is there any apps where I can browse the contents and be able to stream videos I have downloaded? Thanks.
  2. Correction, just clicked on the page and this comes up: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-phon...-20/allowances/ They did say that new SIM only tariffs are coming into effect in March.
  3. I am semi disappointed with the SIM only fixed deal. They used to give you the same number of texts and unlimited internet as the normal SIM only 30 day rolling. I have a problem now... I have a Nexus One being shipped, but the tariff I wanted is no longer available. I have seen on 3 that they offer a £0 credit limit allowing you to not go over your bill, however the max they do is £15 which comes with 300 minutes.
  4. I called into a T-Mobile shop today at 5PM and wanted to buy a G2. I was strongly advised to come in on Sunday where he could give me the refreshed tariffs. Any hints... please...
  5. Will we see an upgrade to the shift? Netbooks are popular, but HTC's form factor is the dogs nuts. HTC Shift upgrade wishlist: Intel Atom + Nvidia Ion 1 GB RAM minimum Upgradeable SSD 6 Cell Battery Optional USB powered DVD-RW People will pay for a premium netbook! HTC was a little to expensive and late to market. When the Shift eventually came out we were seeing Atom processors in Netbooks which took the fizz away from the A100 processor found in the Shift.
  6. Ah build your own system... Well I have an option. It costs £148 inc VAT, but there is a £10 delivery charge <_< Bringing it to £158. Specs are better on mine. ATI integrated tend to perform better than nVidia and Intel. What is bringing my cost up is the super sexy Asus case which doesn't include a power supply. I have room to have a cheap looking case with power supply for less than £20 which would mean that including delivery, I could have something which comes to £148. For an extra £3 you can have a 250GB HDD too :wacko: http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+...productId=30165 Aria also do a cheap Pinnacle PCI-E dual hybrid TV tuner card too for less than £18: http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+...productId=28679 Then you have a Media Centre on your hands ;)
  7. I found two systems at Aria if that counts ;) : http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+...productId=31975 http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+...productId=32113
  8. T-Mobile won't let me cancel :D I spoke to them yesterday and they say that the info on the post about what Ofcom said is untrue and that their increase of 08's is justified. I call 08's for banking etc, so my bill will go up. They say they will let me cancel if Ofcom was to agree with me in writing. Any help please.... I want an iPhone and need to escape T-Mob!
  9. Good specs. Any news on a Shift refresh? The specs look outdated compared to new netbooks coming out. PLEASE UPDATE THE SHIFT HTC :D
  10. It would be good if HTC was to do a lower cost Shift and refresh the line for £500. Keep the same touch screen form factor, but switch to Intel's Atom processor, Windows XP and a SSD to save on power.
  11. OK I have damaged my phone big time. It dropped out of my hands at the train station and it has cracked the back of my MDA Vario III, lodged the stylus in the phone so I can't pull it out as the top bit snapped off and to top it all off the USB connection is bent so I can't charge the phone. I can live without my Vario for a few weeks and I have seen the Vario IV on Engadget today. I was wondering if I should hold out the claim until later when the MDA Vario IV comes out - will the insurance let me have it?
  12. "- There is NO microSD slot, adding it would have added 2mm to the chassis" OMFJ 2mm??? Who gives a damn when expandable storage is so god damn convienient. I am not sold on this unfortunately. Speaking of Orange: 70+ TV Channels I heard... OK over 3G... Freeview IPTV? What are these new tarrifs? Have they shot the animals? I would much prefer a badger tarrif.
  13. Not impressed... You can easily grab an 8 GB iPhone unlocked from eBay for £270. I seriously hope HTC hasn't forgot a MicroSDHC slot as 4 GB is rather paltry compared to Nokia's 8GB N95 and Apple's 8GB and 16GB iPhone's - Both can be picked up much cheaper than HTC devices. What are the video drivers like :D
  14. Erm... WOW! aGPS though... No thanks. I wonder which networks will pick up this.
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