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  1. What is the CSC for? I am using this 6.5.3 rom and never changed the CSC. Currently CSC is B7610TPHIH2
  2. For Omnia 2 (i8000) there are already some non-official 6.5.3 roms (see link below). I was just asking if someone already cooked them for the b7610. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...ai-eng-version/
  3. Are there any WM6.5.3 roms available for B7610? thanks!
  4. Also what is new in this rom vs. the original 6.5 rom?
  5. Which ROM is this? What languages are included?
  6. I have the same problem now since installing one of the NPS new version. I always get a C++ runtime error with NPSDM.exe abnormal program termination! I tried 3 computers and the same problem happened in all the 3. Any ideias?
  7. It seems in netherlands official wm6.5 upgrade is already available.... http://software.mbzrsolutions.nl/omniaupgrade.html
  8. what about the official wm6.5 upgrade? Wasn't it supposed to be made available mid-Nov?
  9. I am just upgraded to this ROM and this is working very well. I am using the samsung keyboard with XT9 dictionary and noticed a problem on this rom. On the original ROM when writing a mail/sms, the XT9 dictionary was deactivated automatically when the cursor was on the TO: or CC: field, on this new ROM the XT9 is not deactivated automatically... which is a bit of a pain. Does anybody know if this is configured? Can the XT9 dictionary be automatically activated/deactivated on certain fields/applications?
  10. There is some people complaining in the I8000 ROMs that the screen does not rotate automatically when you rotate the device. Does this also happen in this rom? In this ROMs that the screen rotates automatically when you open the keyboard?
  11. Does this room have vodafone branding? Or it has the normal samsung bootscreens and menus?
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