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  1. I know someone who knows someone else who know this bloke and he said their sister had 3, and that the speed was slow.
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    Thanks for this link. Dark horse maybe you can help with my N82 and PC Suite. My first n82 worked really well with PC Suite but I dropped it and got a replacment but the second phone didn't ever connect using the USB cable so it went back the third phone still will not connect using the USB Cable. I have tried many methods to make the connection using USB but nothing seems to work. Should I reinstall PC Suite or can you suggest another method? Hope you can help, Regards, DS.
  3. Very good! I'd love to know what software they used to make it.
  4. Hello. Is there anywhere I can download films to watch on the n82 or conversion software so that I can rip dvds? I've looked on the net but cant find any. Ok I've now got coreplayer up and running which allows me to watch films but they play at double speed and I cant find a way to play them at normal speed. Does anyone know how to slow things down? I've solved the problem with coreplayer. Please feel free to delete this post.
  5. Edit I did try and find an answer to this question before I wrote this but only found the answer after I'd posted. Please feel free to delete this post. Thanks.
  6. I've just picked up a blutooth receiver from the orange shop, that allows me to use any headphones to listen to music and make calls. It come with another free HiFi Dongle (Check their inshop magazine for the proof) allowing me to plug into(3.5) the AUX of a hifi all that for
  7. CS say the m600 is out today. But you cant get it yet. What a bloody joke.
  8. As you know Zone-MR SDA ApplicationUnlock worked well thanks. "That'll be a user configurable option in the future. I can imagine some people will find the echo of sent messages helpful. For example, due to GPRS latency message order can be swapped if someone starts talking before an incoming message starts playing - the echo lets you know when your message was played back in a conversation with others. It also lets you know if your message was understandable or if there were any problems with the quality of recording, etc." When I spoke to you initially using passthrough the echo was there but as soon as I pulled the USB cable, GPRS took over but the echo had gone and personal I missed it. User Options on Echo would be of use to me. Great work and fun, Thanks.
  9. I get the message" The trust level for this phone is too low. It appears that your phone is Application Locked". But I have unlocked at the Orange developers site. What can I do to get it working? I want to play too. Thanks.
  10. I have seen a program that allows you to unlock and lock the c500 for programs (decertify) I'v lost it now though. Could someone direct me to this? Thanks.
  11. Call Orange and see if they will swap it for a phone you like? I have the c500 and love it. I did have the m5000 but sold it on ebay as I now know smartphone are for me not pdas so all I can say is unlucky.
  12. Microsoft are selling the c600 on thier site with Windows 2003. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/dev...tphone;emea;221
  13. If your new M5000 has been stolen and it's been IMEI/SIM unlocked can Orange still turn it off? Thanks.
  14. I noticed a great new downloadable service from the BBC recently. If you visit here http://www.bbc.co.uk/calc/news/ then you should be able to download in various formats past news clips, which play very well on smartphones and PPCs running windows.
  15. No TV on the M5000! I spit on the pigs. Phaaa.
  16. Thing is when the boats not in port and your sailing the boat batteries are the only available power so there’s no chance of hooking up to them. I understand what your saying about the heat issue. Maybe I’ll find one with an extra long cable running from the panels to the battery pack, thus allowing it to be kept in the shade when charging. Thanks for the info I’ll look hard now before a good purchase. On the other hand I could just buy lots of Duracells.
  17. Maybe fun is the wrong word lets try, exciting! I’ve had a C500 for 16 months and the M5000 for 2. The C500 knocked my socks off when I first took charge of it and then it held my interest up until now. I would check out the boards at Modaco every day almost. Installing software left and right but there doesn’t seem any point to it now. Its all got a bit dull. I never really rely on it for anything and I never really found the M5000 to be a laptop replacement. Perhaps I need to lay off the smartphones/PPC for a few generations, come back in a few years. My sudden lose of interest has left just a little hole in my life. There are lots of things to fill it but I’m a wee bit miffed that I don’t enjoy it anymore. Guitar tuner? Where did you get that from?
  18. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh. Do you ever feel like you’ve overdosed on these PPC and Smartphones? I’m really board of them now and never really use the M5000. Orange doesn’t help by not having any fun content on the Orange world. The knowledge of their staff is dropping. The phone trainers in shop know nothing about the M5000 or the C600 and when I phone them I have to talk them through things. Newsbreak is the only program I use now. I need something more before I loose interest forever. Any sensible suggestions? :??:
  19. You are right on the money saying Nintendo are the best game makers out there. I'm with Game Cube, Xbox and Dreamcast. Just sold my PS2 to help buy my lovely new PSP for christmas, which has impressed me. I will without doubt waiting for the revolution. The Xbox 360? Get one now, YES!
  20. Yes they work I have one which I got from expansys. It didnt work with the c500 but works well with the universal. My next purchase is going to be a solar charger for, four AA batteries that once charge for free by the sun can then be used to charge the universal allowing me to collect mail when sailing in the med next summer.
  21. Merry Christmas! ;) I got a PSP for Christmas and thought how fun it would be to connect to wipeout online with the universal. Can it be done?
  22. I never really used the camera. Now however it’s always in use. Both the c500 and m5000. I like the panoramic on the m5000 and the c500 has taken good quality, X-ray copies of my friends broken toe. They’re both good enough for unexpected family and holiday photo moments. I cant find the X-ray but these were taken on the c500.
  23. Nothing of the sort look for the, FREECOM_DVB_T_USB_Stick on google
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