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  1. I currently have a SPV M5000 which constantly drops my calls after about 60 seconds - it was fine for the first few months and then started acting up. I got it through eBay (without phone insurance) so it looks as if I will be unable to resolve the problem. I'm now looking for a reliable phone which will synch with my Outlook contacts/calender and that has integrated GPS. Does anyone know how the A701 compares to the SPV M5000 (which is about to be dumped as it is only reliable as a PDA) as primarily a phone, then GPS and lastly as a PDA?
  2. Further to my last post (above) I found the following tenuous link: I did everything again that has been so far suggested - however at one stage while waiting for the call to time out after 60 seconds I played the Bubble Breaker game to pass the time. Three minutes later I realised nothing had happened. I have now repeated the above several times and I find that if I access something on the screen after I have answered the call then the PDA does not appear to drop the call - if I don't then the call gets dropped! The backlight is set to time out after 5 minutes so what is 'kicking in' after 60 seconds to make the phone drop my call each time?
  3. I have done everything that has been suggested in the previous posts AND, I even did a Hard Reset without success resolving this issue. For some reason the PDA has decided to drop my calls after about one minute - I am seriously considering getting rid of it and using something simpler!! :) What I cannot understand was the fact that it was fine for a few months and then started to drop the calls - I thought if I at least did a Hard Reset everything would start afresh - wrong! Any other ideas out there before I take the plunge and ditch it? I'm currently back using my Nokia 6210 !! I am on an Orange Contract but the phone was purchased via eBay.
  4. alsxuk

    SD card recommendations

    Just bought a 2 Gb SanDisk thru auction for £100 - don't know whether that's expensive or not but it works fine on my XADIIs, iPAQ, digi-camera and video camera.
  5. alsxuk

    Xda 2s

    I did what you said and it appears to be working a treat. I'm glad to get rid of the O2 stuff!! One problem - it no longer recognises and plays .mid files - any reason for this?

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