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  1. Did you extract the ROM using the 7-zip program? I have used the same SP5 Rom as you I think. The very latest dated one of the FTP site. I had no troubles what so ever like you have mentioned. If you follow the change of nbf file exactly it should be fine. You could try opening the new nbf file again to check the changes are there and re doing that step if not. Did you change all of the information in the header? Did you delete the old nbf file and rename the new file? Are you using the latest TyphoonNBFTools? I cant really think of anything as it went smoothly for me. I am not great with these programs I just wanted to write a guide to link the downloads etc.
  2. First post edited! Thanks The Doctor. Thanks for your help earlier also on my original topic!
  3. After a few evenings of searching I did this and has worked perfectly to give a decerted and regeditSTG capable AKU2 updated C600. The main problem as you may know is that no uncertified cab files will work on the phone therefore previous method such as regeditSTG and CID rom hacks etc didn't work for me. So I used this method, and to help save people some time I am writting this guide. To be noted if you have a pre AKU2 ROM you can install the Decerted Modaco C600 ROM by just following step 5 and 6 only of this guide. 1. First download the latest Imate SP5 ROM from HERE I got the ROM with the newest date for the SP5 (not SP5m). 2. I Then got hold of latest TyphoonNBFTools fromHERE this can be used on the imate ROM after it has extracted using this program for example HERE. Just open the ROM using the extractor and give it a target destination. In the destination folder you will see the update utility, nk.nbf file and some other files. Now, run NBF tools and open the nk.nbf file from the imate ROM. Then edit the header setting by selecting the menu bar at the top. Once you have opened this you must add these settings:- Model ID: SPV_C600 Image Version: Language: English Secondary Version: Operator: ORG_0401 To save this header you must OK the edit window which creates a hex header number which you must also OK and then in the file menu click 'save as'. Apparently this must be different to the original name due to a bug. So, call it nb2.nbf and then exit the program. then in the folder delete the original nb.nbf and rename the new save file to nb.nbf (remove the 2). 3. Run the ROM update utility from the extracted imate ROM folder. You will get the usual update memory follow the instructions making sure you have more than 50% battery etc. and wait. The upgrade WILL hang at 93% and 100% for a couple of minutes dont panic just make a cup of tea or something. 4. The phone should reboot with the obvious imate splash screens. If you then place the regeditSTG file (can be found HERE) on to your miniSD card you should be able to run it from the file explorer. If you then change the registry items:- Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies Then change the following values to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies\00001001 = 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies\00001005 = 40 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies\0000101b = 1 5. This should now allow you to install the cert.cab file from SPV services tool (found HERE you must then run the CID tool in the MFG config program and set the CID to 11111111. 6. Download the patched C600 Rom from HERE this will give you a Orange C600 ROM with a groovy Modaco start up operator start up splash screen. The ROM also has full AKU2 update and is decertified to run applications and regedit etc. (Note: There is no need to change the policies etc or SIM unlock as it is hard coded in to the ROM) Good luck to all and I hope this helps at least someone! Thanks to Zone-MR for the patche C600 Rom and all the developers and members of Modaco and SPV-Developers that have helped me to find this method. :D
  4. UPDATE! I have gone the long way round! I downloaded the latest Imate rom and changed the header and installed the file as explained @ wiki.spv-developers.com. I then ran regeditSTG and changed the policies as you would with the old c600 pre AKU2. After this I installed the cert.cab that is bundled with the CID tool and ran the CID tool. Eventually I installed the decert C600 modaco splash screen ROM and it is on and working as previously explained. Thanks for your help.
  5. I tried the modaco dercerted ROM and it did nothing but strip my phone of the setup i had done! I am not bothered but this is exactly why I started this thread, I have seen many claims and descriptions for updating/hacking the phone to unlock. I need to sort this as the phone is basically dead to my mac without the ability to install the cab file that missing sync uses. I woder if anyone can point me to a walkthrough for installing the imate rom or actually getting the modaco decert rom to work!
  6. So I'm at work and I cannot download files through the internet here. I will have to have a go at home. Is there reason apart from the settings and orange home screen plugin to continue and flash to a patched orange rom? It sounds like this is as awkard as I thought it may be! Artax let me know how you get on and what you think of the imate rom.
  7. So I just run this off a Windows PC with my phone active synced like a normal ROM upgrade and it will re install the ROM with the ability to follow the standard registry decert routine? I very much appreciate your help. I have seen you post about the splash screen and the fact that you have a customised ROM, is there any difference in the decert ROM or is it exactly the same as UK ROM but with sone of the certificates changed?
  8. I have just received a C600 on upgrade with the latest AKU2 ROM, my problem is that I am a Mac user and my Mac Mini is my main PC. I have access to a Windows laptop but I need to be able to decert my phone to use the missing sync as it needs to install a .cab file to sync WM 5 devices. I have seen a few options on here and links to SPV dev forums that explain some ways but I would like it if someone who has decerted their phone will help with some advice. Would it be easier if I just Installed the Imate ROM or follow a decert routine? What would I gain/lose using the Imate ROM is it harder to do than to try and decert? It appears that I have not got a registered IMEI number yet and I am struggling trying thing on the mac as I have to turn off the phone each time I need to add things using the memory card and reader. If someone could post some links to the files that I need for the best method or explain the process so that I can download the files etc and then use the windows laptop it would be good but so far I am unable to run windows specific reg editors etc. Totally gutted as I only owned my Mac mini for a week or two and have had an excellent experience switching to the Mac using the missing sync, bluetooth and the program itself work far better with my c550 than active sync ever did on my old PC. This has wiped the smile off my face lol. Thanks in advance! :D
  9. Have all you guys that own a STRTRK either bought them from expansys or the like or live outside the UK? I would love to know when this phone will be taken on by orange at least if not T-Mobile. I heard that you could get rebranded Qtek phones from Vodafone like the SP5, has any body asked about the Qtek 8500?
  10. Does anybody know or have heard rumours that T-Mobile will be taking up the HTC smartphones on their network. I have a C550 waiting to be upgraded and I really would like to switch from orange to T-Mobile to get a better/cheaper tarriff.
  11. neilfenstein

    List Your XBOX 360 GamerTag Here

  12. neilfenstein

    FFRace now available !

    Whoops meant C550! Wishful thinking! Lol! ;)
  13. neilfenstein

    FFRace now available !

    Does this support QVGA? The old beta version would not run on my C600!
  14. I seriously need to know if John Cody's alerts works on the c550? I have only just started using this app. but it has become invaluable as an advanced alarm. If this does not work I may have to hold off getting the c550 until it does!!
  15. neilfenstein

    C550 bug list

    That reminder problem happens with alarms and reminder on the C500! I have to remember to take keylock off when I go to bed or I cant snooze it!!

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