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    Phones, (Currently at Tmobile in telford so if your due your upgrades or looking for the latest phones on new lines pop in and ask for Damian)<br /><br />Also keen with Photography
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    HD2! and a Bold 9700
  1. Hmm me thinks there's something fishy here, (a 100% Nokia subsidiary) sounds to me that Nokia don't want this to rival there now free ovi maps... hmm Damian
  2. hey, ill admit the new tariffs are fantastic value for customers and the new boosters are great, but although the 2009 flext tariffs were expensive the inclusive allowances were unbeatable! i mean flext 35 2009, 180 allowance with internet, 08 numbers, voicemail and international with free internet for 35 a month was fantastic value and it will be missed. on the other hand when people see the new tariffs on monday i think t-mobiles gonna stir up the market again! just my opinions Damian
  3. hey, I'll be honest I only just got the phone the other day so I have no idea. I'm about to install one of the cooked roms so haven't really tested it either but I would presume it rolls in the other updates and I'm sure I read somewhere that it improves text messages again Damian
  4. Hey guys, Just a quick one to let you guys know that HTC have posted a new ROM on there official support page for the HD2, This ones dated 22-01-2010 and is version number: 1.66.707.1 Grab it from here, HD2 Updates on HTC's support site :)
  5. Instock at T-mobile store in Telford if that helps anyone. Fantastic deal btw cause at the moment it has the pay as you go sim with unlimited texts and internet when you top-up 10 pound per month! 137.01 for the phone, top-up 10 per month and have unlimited texts and internet, if you don't use minutes then its cheap as chips for everything you could need :D Damian
  6. Hey, Just a quick one directed at Thumper Net, its not a take over it is a joint 50:50 merger so i think you'll find that no one company has taken over the other. This will create a better network for everyone as the coverage will improve as well as it costing far less to run 1 network instead of 2 which will mean savings for consumers. Anyone with a tariff now in theory should be able to keep that tariff even after the merger because when 121 became t-mobile some people still have the old 121 tariffs to this day.
  7. Not to fussy about this on my phone as I use Wifi and home and work so copressed images while out I can handle, but for sitting in the morning at work and being able to watch hulu and FoxOD will be great (btw FOXOD has quite a few good programs on before we brits get to see them, like 24, prison break etc) DTMc
  8. Cool, If you need any testers for getting Mac working let me know Damian
  9. Did you go for black, white or blue? I ended up going for the white one, went into the PCworld near me and was told they only had the display one, when I asked to see it they looked and said it wasn't on display yet so I snapped it straight up B) My partners brother works in currys aswell so got it with 10% off for £269 B) Battery on its fantastic and I'm loving the keyboard Damian
  10. Hey all, Thought I'd pose the question as I've just got my NC10 and its a great little machine but I don't know the first thing about Mac or installing it (Windows mobile fine, mac first time for everything lol) I've seen and read pauls guide for the Wind but anyone know or could point out if (and how) this would work on the NC10 as they are similar hardware chipsets Also dual booting with XP (or triple with Vista aswell) Possible? Thanks Damian
  11. I ork in a tmobie store and been playng with it for a fw days (it fantstic btw i'm really thinking of getting one instead of wm) so any more digging questions i can try and answer Damian
  12. Well currently I'm using a compact IV with dutty's Rom's which is ok but I must admit I was expecting more, The next device, well I'm pretty sure its gonna be a G1 , we've been promised a demo device instore by the end of next week so shall be playing with that alot up till release day when it will be crunch tme. As lng as it lives up to the hype nd that OS is as good as it seems, then I defo think its the one. That said the rumored G2 being the touch HD with android sounds quite nice aswel but i'm impatient and not gonna wait lol. Also running a 4G EEEpc 701 and debating if I shoud take a punt on the new samsung NC10 or wait till the new year and see whatss about with HSDPA integrated as its only on a few models so far. Also running a 80gb classic with 59.6gb (14004 tracks) of music and a 54 Reg Mazda 6 to play it in. Damian
  13. yeah I didn't realise they still had a 15 day lead time on medion, and I thought I'd finally made up my mind on the advent, but if I can't get a 6 cell battery... I NEED my netbook to be able to do a whole day, which means to me a MINIMUM of 5-6 hours preferably more so if I can't get a 6 Cell I may just pay the premium for the 901 and get the battery included, I don't need extra storage right away mainly the battery life Damian
  14. Can't remember if its any bigger, I think it may be, than the original, but you can get the 6 Cells from the medion website. Link: https://www.medionshop.co.uk/ then use the search box and enter: 40025906 there batterys for the medion but the fit all wind versions (MSI Wind, Advent 4211 etc) Hope this helps Damian
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